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March 21, 2018

Jhonattan Vegas

Austin, Texas

Q. The putt there on the last hole to get that halve, I know that meant a lot?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: It did. Especially after a really frustrating round today. Every time you get a chance to secure at least a half a point around here, it's definitely important. I had a bunch of opportunities to really have the match. It was a tough one for sure.

I just got to go fix a little bit of the putting and have a better day the next two days.

Q. What's the pressure like when you know you have to make that putt to salvage at least half a point?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: Well, at that point there is -- you only have one mission, which is making that putt. And it makes it a little bit easier to be honest. Obviously that's what you practice for, for those types of moments. I would say a little bit of pressure. You know that if you make it, it could be important at the end of the week. But it's fun.

Q. Is that the beauty of match play? You feel that pressure and it's your first official round of golf for the week?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: Well, I mean, it's important. Especially any point here helps at the end of day to try to get out of your group. Obviously have a little bit of a tough one with Rory and Uihlein. So it was important getting that half a point.

Q. What were you thinking, before that putt coming into 18? You had a chance to get at least to all square on 17. What's your mindset coming to 18 knowing what's on the line?
JHONATTAN VEGAS: Well, the same thing. You have got no chance -- the only chance you have is to birdie and it gives you the best chance you can. That's the only thing you can do.

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