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March 21, 2018

Jon Rahm

Austin, Texas

Q. Do you walk away a little relieved that you got a half?
JON RAHM: I am a little relieved. I wish it would have been a little prettier. I felt like I played much better than it showed. The first five holes I played nearly flawless golf. Hit every shot to perfection, basically. And I was 3-up until then.

After that, I kept making good swings but things just weren't happening. As you know, I gave Keegan some room to come back. Hopefully I can keep playing good golf next time and eliminate those mistakes that helped Keegan in the match.

Either way, he played really good golf. He made really good putts. Birdied 11, eagle on 12. It could have gone either way. We both played good. I got lucky at the end.

Q. Match play, we talked about this yesterday about how it's such an emotional game and you are an emotional player. Do you leave these emotions behind today, just forget them and enter tomorrow with a clean slate?
JON RAHM: I always do. I pretty much forget about things about 20 steps into it usually. A lot of people think I don't. I really do. It's just that's what allows me to get back into it.

Like on 15, ended up making a pretty bad bogey, didn't hit the shot right. Got to the next tee and striped it of what I felt was down the middle. After a bad bunker shot on 16 again, I hit a pretty good one and made the putt to win the hole.

So I pretty much forget about things pretty easily and get to the next hole. Kind of used to doing that already. It's been working so far. I hope it keeps working.

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