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March 21, 2018

Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman

Duncan Robinson

Mortiz Wagner

Los Angeles, California

THE MODERATOR: Let's welcome the Michigan team. Questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Duncan, you guys had a close game against Houston. Is that good at this time that you guys got tested and you had to get through a tough game like that heading into this one?
DUNCAN ROBINSON: Yeah, I think playing in a close game like that certainly helps, but on top of that I think we feel like we didn't play our best really that entire weekend.

So I think we had some confidence going there, and hopefully we can start to play better moving forward.

Q. Mo, if you could take us through the challenge that the big men for A&M presents, Robert Williams and Tyler Davis?
MORITZ WAGNER: Yeah, obviously, like you said, that's a really good front court. They throw the ball in a lot. They're very physical and obviously very talented as well. Yeah, they're trying to beat you on the boards, and they do a great job inside. So it's a great challenge coming up for us.

Q. You mentioned their big men kind of jump off the film when you watch them. But when you look at the film of A&M, what else poses a challenge when you see them play?
MORITZ WAGNER: I mean, they're coming out of the SEC, a very athletic, fast conference. So they run the floor very well. They're a very talented team led by a very talented freshman point guard. They're not scared of anything, you know? They just run the break, and then they have a great balance between inside and outside game. Obviously they do a tremendous job on the boards. So, yeah, they looked really good against North Carolina.

Q. Duncan, why do you feel like you all didn't play your best last weekend? What are some areas you all can improve in?
DUNCAN ROBINSON: Specifically offensively I thought we could have been a little bit sharper with our execution. You know, credit to Houston and Montana. I think they both did some different stuff to mix it up.

But I think looking back on the weekend and looking back at the film, I think we collectively as a group realized that we could have played a lot better as well, though.

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