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March 16, 2018

Venus Williams

Indian Wells, California

D. KASATKINA/V. Williams

4-6, 6-4, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Great match to watch. How did you feel about the end of the match and what sort of turned it around in your mind?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, you know, she just played a little better at the end. It was really pretty much that simple.

Q. Were you feeling tired as it went on?
VENUS WILLIAMS: She just played better at the end.

Q. You talked about working to stay relevant. And with respect to the men's game, some people are saying, with the older players winning, there is something wrong with men's tennis. How would you respond to that with respect to your own success?

Q. Considering your own success and being a senior veteran on the tour, how do you respond to someone saying there may be something wrong with the men's game or the women's game because you are continuing to have that success?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Pretty much no response.

Q. I thought it was an incredible match. The ball striking was impeccable. How do you feel about your momentum going into Miami next week?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I guess that's what's ahead of me now. I mean, that's where my focus is going to shift to, another big event, another opportunity to play well.

Q. You've played her a couple of times now, tight matches. What do you think about her potential going forward and how do you see the challenge of facing her? What's the biggest puzzle to solve when you go up against her?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I really just make too many errors. That's pretty much all -- I mean, I have to stop making that many errors against her.

Q. Still, you have won a lot of matches here, played some fine tennis. Tough to come off the court, but how do you feel about your run here and your game overall?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I pretty much come to win tournaments, so if I don't win, I'm not happy. I'm not here for results and all that stuff.

Q. Do you see yourself winning tournaments again really soon?

Q. Do the losses hurt as much now as they ever have or more now than ever before?
VENUS WILLIAMS: You don't get used to losses, ever.

Q. Nothing's changed?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Anyone who gets used to losses should give up on life.

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