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March 17, 2018

Ally McDonald

Phoenix, Arizona

Q. 7-under day. Round of the tournament for Ally McDonald here at the Founders Cup. Take us through today. You had an eagle, a ton of birdies, and you really vaulted up the leaderboard. What was working for you?
ALLY McDONALD: I hit it really well, which I feel like I really struggled with the first two days. I gave myself a lot of opportunities for birdie and was able to convert.

I missed a short putt on No. 2, which I really wanted to get out to a good momentum.

But birdied 5 and hit several really good shots throughout the day to give myself a good opportunity for tomorrow.

Q. Tell us about 11, the eagle.
ALLY McDONALD: Hit really good drive. I think I had 222 to the pin. It was a little downwind. I hit a solid 4-iron to about nine feet and rolled it in.

Q. How you feeling? Give people an update. We wrote a story on LPGA.com about what happened to you in Malaysia. How are you feeling?
ALLY McDONALD: I'm doing great. It was a tough couple weeks after that. I was just happy to make it to CME. Still kind of recuperated a lot after that.

Got a full clean bill of health from my doctors and trained really hard in the off-season to maybe prepare my body for a little bit more of what I didn't know I was going to go through this last year.

I'm healthy and excited for the year. Ready to play some good golf.

Q. Give me a thought on tomorrow. Pretty exciting. You're near the top. You'll have a shot.
ALLY McDONALD: Yeah, this is a really low-scoring golf course. I did all I can do. Saturday you can just play the best you can and put yourself in a good position. I did that, and I'm sure the lead will move further away.

Like I said, I did what I could do today; tomorrow go try to do it again.

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