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March 16, 2018

Phil Cofer

Trent Forrest

Leonard Hamilton

Mfiondu Kabengele

Nashville, Tennessee

Florida State - 67, Missouri - 54

THE MODERATOR: The victorious Florida State Seminoles are with us. They have a date with Xavier on Sunday. Game two of the doubleheader. Time to be announced. Coach Hamilton is with us, Phil Cofer, Trent Forrest and Mfiondu Kabengele represent the student body. We'll have Coach Hamilton to have a statement and we'll go for questions for all four gentlemen.

LEONARD HAMILTON: I thought the story for the first half was our guys were connected defensively, and I thought their effort was as a result of respect we have for Missouri and some of the tapes we've seen, how well they execute. 44 percent of their shots were 3s, and they have such a potent low post game.

I thought our guys did a very good job defending the post and getting out in transition. We forced ten turnovers with 20 points off the bench and that really made a big difference and gave us a lot of energy and got everybody involved.

Second half, I thought they did a tremendous job coming out, denying spots on the floor. We didn't handle it very well. Created some indecision on our part. I was proud of our guys. I thought they maintained their composure and settled down and we were able to extend the lead again.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Florida State.

Q. Coach, it seemed like your offense was able to get really going when you had Trent on the court and it seemed to struggle a little bit when he was off the court. What does he bring to the table as far as leadership and court vision and all that when he's on the court that really makes the offense go?
LEONARD HAMILTON: There's no question that Trent does a very good job of distributing the ball and making good decisions. I think in order for him to be effective, he had to have teammates that really, really follow his lead.

We put four guys in the game there and we left Phil on the court, one of our most experienced players. And we were able to get some deflections and Trent was able to get us in and out of our systems.

I thought it was a team effort. Trent does a great job defensively, does a great job seeing the whole floor. He makes a tremendous difference when he's on the floor.

Q. For the players, they start out 7 of the first 8 points. What did you all do at that point to take control of the first half?
PHIL COFER: One of the things, we came back to the huddle and kept encouraging guys. Every team is great in the tournament. They're going to make runs no matter what. The best thing we have to do is keep our composure and just keep doing us.

TRENT FORREST: I would go off of what Phil said, just keeping our composure. At this time, you can't get too strung out if people hit shots. At this point in time, everybody is going to hit shots and make runs. It's able to stay level head and keep focus the whole time.

MFIONDU KABENGELE: This is the second year in a row. Recognize there's a lot of basketball left. We knew they would make their run. It's a matter of when we're going to make our run and minimize their runs. We have to regroup and execute on both ends.

LEONARD HAMILTON: Thank you very much.

THE MODERATOR: Anything else for the Seminoles? Thank you very much.

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