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March 16, 2018

Cael Sanderson

Cleveland, Ohio

Q. Cael, you've trailed by 13 and a half going into the night, now you're in the lead, 5-0 in the semifinals. How do you explain that kind of success?
CAEL SANDERSON: Well, those are big matches, semifinals are big matches, big points. But there's still a lot of points available tomorrow, so we've got to just keep scoring points.

Q. Penn State wrestlers have won 16 semifinal matches dating from 2015 in this tournament. Can you describe how hard that is just winning one of them compared to 16? Did you know that, first of all?
CAEL SANDERSON: Sounds great, right? That's not a lot, either, 16. There's 10 weight classes in each year, right. But yeah, I think our guys wrestled well. They were ready to go. Big matches, but they get bigger. Tomorrow all the matches get bigger, and we just need to keep wrestling well.

Q. When Ohio State was winning they were scoring a lot of bonus points, too. Talk to me about this group of five guys, how they stay grounded all the time, don't seem to care about any of that stuff and how they succeed.
CAEL SANDERSON: Well, I think they're just competitors, and the best thing that they can do for the team is just wrestle well themselves, right, and that's what they've focused on, and that's really what they did. But like I said, we've still got a lot of wrestling left. A little early for press conferences, I think.

Q. What is the key to getting your guys to peak at the right time because they seem to do it over and over again at NCAAs.
CAEL SANDERSON: Just some good fortune, I think.

Q. Is there like a consistent message that you're conveying to these guys all year long that lands on this day?
CAEL SANDERSON: There's not.

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