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March 15, 2018

Venus Williams

Indian Wells, California

V. WILLIAMS/C. Suarez Navarro

6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How happy are you with the way you played this match today?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I mean, definitely happy. You kind of hope for this kind of scoreline, but you never know if you're actually going to get it. I was happy with the play.

Q. You're facing Daria Kasatkina next. Whenever you have played, it's been a really long, tough match. What are you thinking as you look forward to the next one? How do you prepare for that?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Just try to play well. I don't have any special plan. Really just try to play well.

Q. Do the past matches that you have played against her mean anything going into this one?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I only remember one. So I will try to remember the other one at some point.

Not really. I'm about tomorrow. I'm a tomorrow person. If you can learn from the past, that's great to be better in the future.

Q. Over the course of the tournament, what have you seen about your game that's improving that you like?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't know (smiling). I haven't thought about that. Just winning. That's all.

Q. Tomorrow one of the most anticipated matches you've had. Do you feel that you're ready, adrenaline excitement, with what's at stake tomorrow?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Of course playing deep in a big tournament is exciting, fantastic, definitely.

Q. Across our country we obviously have this problem with violence and kids are really stepping up across the country, kind of saying enough already. And you have your Price Resource Center which works against violence. Could you take a minute and just share some of your thoughts about the control of firearms?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, the Yetunde Price Resource and Learning Center provides resources for families affected by violence. So people are able to get support, and, you know, understand what government programs or grants are available for them, psychological support, therapy through art. There is a lot of programs that we have there.

We are supporting families and helping them pick up the pieces, but of course a lot of work to be done in prevention, as well.

Q. Would you like to see a reduction and the availability of guns?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think most people would, yeah.

Q. You'll play at night tomorrow. I'm curious, what are some of the differences for you, how you prepare for a day match versus a night match and just maybe the energy?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No different. Tennis. Always tennis.

Q. Is it nicer to play a night match? No preference?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No preference.

Q. Do you think having to play Serena early made you step up the level of your game more so than if you had time to work into the tournament?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No, because I'm actually playing good tennis even before the tournament started. I don't know. I really don't think of it that way.

Q. How has the Coachella Valley been treating you?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I haven't been doing much except coming to and from the tennis. That's a good problem because it means you're winning matches. I don't want to be too much of a tourist here, because it means you've lost.

So I'd like it if I only see the tennis, and I'll come back and experience the whole Valley when I retire.

Q. Do you remember as a young girl when daddy brought you out here, what your first thoughts were when you were a little girl?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Did this tournament exist when I was a little girl?

We didn't come out here when I was a little girl. So I don't remember this one as much as Miami. I remember that one, but only when I was older. So I didn't know that this existed.

We spent our time on the court. We didn't watch too much. We actually got to work. So that's what I tell the young kids: more hitting, less autographs.

Q. What was the last book or movie you read that you really enjoyed?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I read all my books on my phone. I don't remember what I read last. I've read, like, three books this year. But I have to work when I'm not playing tennis, so I have another job or two.

I did watch a movie. I watched Lincoln Lawyer. I thought it was fascinating. But outside of that, I don't have as much time to watch a lot of stuff.

Q. Since you got your MBA, have you been continuing your education in any other field?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I have a Bachelor's in business, so the MBA is elusive at this point. But thank you for putting that out there, respect on my name. Thank you. Real good. Thank you.

Q. Ph.D. next time?
VENUS WILLIAMS: If I can get one in accounting, I will. I haven't found that program yet.

Q. An honorary one maybe one day?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Honor me, people. See you. (Smiling.)

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