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March 16, 2018

Hee Young Park

Phoenix, Arizona

HEE YOUNG PARK: (Recording in progress. ) But this morning a little bit chilly out there. The distance got a little bit shorter than yesterday, so kind of tough to get into the par-5s.

But I hit it pretty solid. Even back nine I had a lot more chance to make some birdies but I missed a couple short putts.

Still under par, and I hit it pretty good. I guess good position right now, so still far away to go.

Q. Yeah, right? Top of the leaderboard.
HEE YOUNG PARK: Just do some work, you know, with the putting green and driving range little bit, I think I'm ready to go weekend.

Q. I'm just going to ask you three questions. Ready? Tell us about your day. You said it was a little more difficult but you were still able to find some birdie spots today.
HEE YOUNG PARK: Yeah, I played pretty well yesterday, but weather conditions pretty tough, like windy and gust. But this morning perfect shade and a lot more calm.

The weather was pretty chilly out there so distance was little shorter than yesterday, so it was a little bit tough to get into par-5s today. But I hit it pretty good. Commit to the shot.

Back nine couple shots I missed a couple birdie putts, but I'm going to working on it afternoon and I'm ready for the weekend.

Q. I was going to say, are you excited for the week end? I see the big smile on your face. You're towards the top of the leaderboard. Two more rounds to go. Are you excited for the weekend?
HEE YOUNG PARK: Yeah. I been really prepared last wintertime, and this is first event in the States. I was very excited, and luckily play really well second round, so I think I'm ready to go.

Q. Tell us what you did this off-season to prepare for your first start on the t LPGA?
HEE YOUNG PARK: Last seven years I lived in Orlando, Florida. Long time. I decided move to L.A., California. Like just little change. Weather was great out here. I played a lot of golf then do some lot of workout, and no more injury pains. You know, pain-free now.

So I think more better get result out here.

Q. Lastly, do you feel like this could be one of your best years yet?
HEE YOUNG PARK: Um, this is first event. Not even done. I don't know about it, but I always little bit struggle first couple events last couple few years.

But I feel great right now, and I'm very excited even whole season.

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