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March 16, 2018

Jeff Dowtin

Jared Terrell

Stanford Robinson

E.C. Matthews

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Q. Guys, you're facing a 2 seed tomorrow, lost in the second round last year under the same sort of situation as a 2 seed. Is there any discussion in the program about pulling off a second-round upset. Do you guys talk about that at all?
JARED TERRELL: We just feel like we can play with anybody. We come in with the very mindset, play the right way, sharing the ball, being scrappy and defending well, we feel like we have a chance with anybody.

E.C. MATTHEWS: Like J.T. said, we feel we can play with anybody. Obviously Duke's a great team, but we're very excited. We believe they can be beat.

Q. Nate Oats was probably the biggest upset yesterday. How cool is it to watch your high school coach go on the same journey you're going on now?
E.C. MATTHEWS: It was great. I actually congratulated him. Also my high school teammate, Wes Clark, is on the team also. It's great to see that we're both doing good and hopefully we can keep winning.

Q. For any of you all, did you watch any Duke games during the season, and do you think they watched any of your games during the season?
STANFORD ROBINSON: Yeah, we watched a couple of their games. I don't think they really watched us. Someone told me they seen them in Chipotle yesterday or two days ago, and they asked them about Rhode Island, and they said they didn't know who we were.

Q. Does that give you an advantage in some small way, that at least you're familiar with those guys and they might not be familiar with you all?
STANFORD ROBINSON: I think after yesterday, they're probably watching film. It is a basketball game. You do want to respect your opponent. I think they know who we are now.

Q. When you look at Duke this year, compared to last year, obviously Grayson Allen is probably the consistent thing, how do you think Duke is different than they were when you played them last year?
JEFF DOWTIN: Actually, I didn't even play last year when we played against Duke. Not seeing them, but watching them from the sidelines, they're a great team. They move the ball very well. They got two monsters down there in the post.

It should be a great opportunity for us, like I said. I know I've been watching a lot of film, seeing what they do and all of the different things on the court, so that should be good for us.

JARED TERRELL: They're a different team. They have a lot of shooters, they had shooters last year. But the size inside, it's completely different than last year's team.

Q. What does it mean to you to be making another run, to be playing a second game in March for the second year in a row?
STANFORD ROBINSON: Like yesterday, we said this is a chance to do it again, you know? Try again. And we came up short last year in the second round, so, I mean, here it goes again, and this time, hopefully we end up on the good side of the win.

Q. Jared, you had a little exchange with Reggie Miller yesterday after that three-pointer. Can you describe what was going on in that moment?
JARED TERRELL: No. After I made the shot, I looked over to the sideline. I seen him just laughing with one of the commentators. I just give him a little head nod, show a little respect.

Q. Guy, you now have -- this is your second tournament run in a row. Yesterday was the first go-around for a lot of those Duke guys. I know E.C., you talked yesterday about how you're older and wiser. Do you feel like that gives you guys a little bit of an advantage tomorrow facing against some guys who were going through this for the first time?
E.C. MATTHEWS: Yeah. I feel like we have an advantage. I think older guys, we tend to win games, you know, definitely later on in the season, and this is the perfect scenario to do it. It's March now and we have a lot of experience, and we carry that with us. So when you step on the court, just certain situations we're in, we've been in it before.

Q. Jeff, they've gotten into the zone late in the year last seven, eight games. Is it going to help you guys that you saw some against, whether Jones, Davidson, ECU coming down the stretch the regular season.
JEFF DOWTIN: Yes, I'm pretty sure the last three or four teams we played against was playing zone. We've been working on different sets to get the ball in the middle and show corner. I think we've been sharing the ball that well lately so we can hit outsides threes. That's one of our main focuses that will help us a lot tomorrow.

Q. E.C., for you, you guys have made such a name for yourself inside the A-10. How big of an opportunity is this to prove yourself outside the conference?
E.C. MATTHEWS: I think I said this yesterday. You dream about this when you're a little kid and you're outside thinking you can hit the big shot. Just doing it on a stage like this, it's everything. We know that. We just like to play for each other. We love to see each other do good, and we feel like we can compete with anybody and this is the stage to show that.

Q. Do you guys feel like you're kind of representing the A-10 in a certain way, showing up for the conference, getting an opportunity to play an ACC school, one of the most well-known in the country pretty much?
JARED TERRELL: I think we're representing a lot of things, the A-10 being one of them, our school and our families. We're really going to coming out, play hard, play for each other, and do what we've been doing all year.

Q. For any of the seniors, yesterday, that win was your 91st. Together it is the most by any single class at Rhode Island. For any of you guys, what does it mean to have your names attached to that accomplishment?
JARED TERRELL: We've been talking about leaving a legacy and trying to be great. Just being in the middle of that and just being in the moment. It's a good feeling, but we still feel like we got a lot more to accomplish.

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