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March 15, 2018

Zach Johnson

Orlando, Florida

Q. A good day's work, right?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, the scorecard was a good day's work and there was moments of, I don't know about brilliance, but good stuff and then there were some moments where you're like, whoa, what was that. But I kept the ball, kept the course in front of me. I kept, I just kept kind of plodding myself around and made a few putts, missed a couple putts, my back side or my front nine, I guess, but the front nine, my back side I shot 11-under but I had a lot of opportunities. I hit every green, just had good opportunities, I just didn't make anything. But that's okay. I like where I'm at. I keep grinding and keep getting better.

Q. Speaking of grinding, the putting always important own the PGA TOUR. Is this a second shot golf course is this? What's the key here?
ZACH JOHNSON: I think it's a first shot and a second shot golf course. You have to get the ball in the fairway. The rough is penal, it's brutal, the fairways are not -- they're not overly narrow, they're generous in the sense that you can hit them -- but as it starts to dry out they become more narrow. So as the week goes on, the heat comes up, which we're supposed to get, it's going to be even more difficult. I think you get the ball from the fairway here, you can get your self on the green and give yourself a chance at least. I don't know what other guys would say, I personally think -- outside of the par-3s -- I think it's a driving golf course.

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