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March 15, 2018

Phil Cofer

Braian Angola

Terance Mann

Trent Forrest

Nashville, Tennessee

THE MODERATOR: Our final team, Florida State University Seminoles. They're the No. 9 seed in the West Region. They're out of the Atlantic Coast Conference. They'll play No. 8, Missouri, in Friday's final game. The men's basketball contact is Chuck Walsh.

The student-athletes representing the Seminoles are Terance Mann, Phil Cofer, Braian Angola, and Trent Forrest. We'll go right to questions.

Q. This is for anybody. How do you kind of evaluate a guy like Michael Porter when it's been one game and it was after a long rest. How do you study for a guy like that?
TERANCE MANN: We know he's a good player. Everyone has seen what he's done in high school. Everyone kind of knows he's a good player. We've got to contain him and follow the scouting report.

BRAIAN ANGOLA: Like Terance says, we know what he's capable of doing. We know the talent that he has, and our coaches will prepare for him and what he's capable of doing.

Q. Terance, I won't ask you what the scouting report is, but you said follow the scouting report. How difficult is it to have one when the guy's played 25 minutes all season?
TERANCE MANN: You just got to contain him, keep him in front of you like anybody else. Keep them in front of you. When he shoots his shots, contest them.

Q. Going up against guys like Dwayne and Isaac last season, do you guys think playing against -- playing with those guys, playing against those guys in practice could help you go up against a talent like Michael Porter?
PHIL COFER: I think definitely. Just one thing is probably Jonathan Isaac. He's long, athletic, so it was definitely pretty hard for him on the defensive side. But I think it was great for us to have him here and it definitely helped us in practice.

Q. (No microphone.)
TRENT FORREST: I would say yes, it definitely helps being able to guard somebody that tall and that athletic. I feel like Jon, he gave us a great example of that last year and it was just very tough being able to guard somebody with that skill set.

Q. Phil, the other Porter, I guess, Donte, a lot of guys at 6'11" will be guys that play more down low. What have you seen out of him? What challenges are there in guarding a bigger guy that tends to play a little bit more outside.
PHIL COFER: He's definitely versatile. He can pick and pop. He can go down low. We can pretty much do anything. Our bigs will have to get down and low to guard around the perimeter. We're going to stick to our game plan, just do what we do.

Q. For Terance, I know you aren't looking ahead or anything, but the possibility of facing Xavier in the next round, after what they did to you last year, how much incentive is that to maybe get that next chance in?
TERANCE MANN: It's definitely motivation a lot more motivation to get to the next round to see them as a rematch. But we got this game tomorrow night that we've got to focus on. So the whole team is basically focused on Missouri.

Q. Phil, what was your relationship like with Cuonzo when he recruited you to Tennessee? What did you like about him?
PHIL COFER: It was definitely, I'd probably say, another father figure. He's a great character guy and I talk with him pretty much all the time. And it's definitely cool to finally play against him because I haven't seen him since my Tennessee days. But besides that, it's going to be a good game tomorrow.

Q. Gentlemen, what's this experience like for you this year, whereas last year it was the first time you guys made the tournament? Is it anything different this time? Do you think your experience from last season really does carry over over here?
BRAIAN ANGOLA: We are really excited to be here. Talking in the locker room, just glad to be back and we're just trying to play as hard as we can and have fun and enjoy the moment.

THE MODERATOR: Who else can answer to that? Who was here last year?

TERANCE MANN: Obviously, it's a great opportunity to be back, especially how we went out last year. It's another opportunity to try to prove people wrong. So we're going to try and take full advantage of it, definitely.

Q. Terance, what do you think has prepared you guys for this opportunity throughout the course of this season specifically?
TERANCE MANN: Are you talking about playing against Missouri specifically?

Q. Just the tournament.
TERANCE MANN: Basically, just playing in the ACC, in general. Every game's a big game. It's a big spotlight. Just like, you know, this game tomorrow night. So I think a lot of us are well prepared for it and we've been in plenty of situations like this.

Q. Is there an ACC team that you have played this year that's similar to what you see on film out of Missouri? Is there a team you could compare to Missouri that we've played already?
TRENT FORREST: I would probably say North Carolina. They're pretty big, physical guys. North Carolina kind of similar to that. They were able to shoot the ball really well. So I would say North Carolina.

BRAIAN ANGOLA: Yeah, probably would say North Carolina and Clemson. They're a very physical team and they have guys that can shoot the ball from the perimeter and run the floor very well. So probably say that.

Q. Trent, there's been some mention and some things made of your guys' struggles defending the 3-point line kind of later in the season, especially against a team that relies on it so much. What do you need to do in this game to not let Missouri get open shots?
TRENT FORREST: I would say just be able to play smart defense, being down to catch when guys catch the ball. Being able to run them off the line. So I think just being there on the catch and trusting our defensive principles will kind of take care of itself.

THE MODERATOR: Gentlemen, thank you very much. Best of luck tomorrow night.

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