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March 11, 2018

Corey Conners

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. You qualified for this tournament. Seven days later it's not the result you want but still happy how things went?
COREY CONNERS: Definitely. A great experience. Nice to get myself in the mix. Played some really good golf. Little disappointed with the outcome today but, yeah, tried to battle hard out there and just wasn't meant to be. Really happy I've gone into the field, first of all, and overall a successful week.

Q. Things were going so well all week. What happened to you today?
COREY CONNERS: Didn't get the putts to fall. I felt like I hit some pretty good shots. Was definitely more nervous out there today as I was expecting. But, yeah, came up short on a number of putts, couldn't get the speed down. Few of those would have fallen might have relaxed me a little bit more but, yeah, kind of battled all day and couple mistakes. It was fun out there. Justin was a great playing partner and supportive. Lot of Canadian fans as well, which is awesome.

Q. Can you imagine what you take from this one forward, how you'll benefit from the experience?
COREY CONNERS: It's going to be great. Gained experience each and everyday and played with the lead really 2nd, 3rd and today, and that wasn't the outcome I wanted today but definitely get some things down later tonight and be able to use this experience in the future.

Q. Did you feel stressed today as opposed to playing with ease maybe the previous throw days?
COREY CONNERS: Tried to feel pretty relaxed. It was tough. The game wasn't going the way I wanted to so it was a little harder to settle in like I was able to the last few days.

But yeah, I don't know, it was a little bit of different experience. Something I never felt before and definitely use it in the future.

Q. Second shot on No. 1 was a bad lie or just get away from you a little bit?
COREY CONNERS: Yeah. It wasn't too bad of a lie. Just trying to get the ball up in the air to get some help from the wind and kind of missed it a little bit and started diving to the right, caught some trees and ended up in a dicey see spot. Gave myself a chance to save par but wasn't able to do it.

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