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March 11, 2018

Patrick Reed

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. Patrick, just back in contention a little bit. Sad finish at the end. Can you just explain that on the last green?
PATRICK REED: Not really. Hit a good drive and thought I hit a good wedge shot into the green. I had 133 covered. The way the ball was flying it's a full 51. Hit it perfect, nice tight draw right if the flag.

When I saw people kind of waiving back I knew it was kind of coming down the hill. It happened to be unfortunate it got around the corner of the green where I was on the green, had to go over the fringe, through about seven feet of fringe and back on the green and I thought I could putt it and I pulled out putter first time and I gave it extra because I knew it was going to either pop or come out slow.

I just didn't hit it hard enough, obviously. Absolutely killed it and the ball rolled back down to where it was. I knew there was no way I could putt it. It had to be a chip. I chipped and ended up there to 6 inches and tap-in.

Q. Obviously disappointed but just your overall thoughts on being back in contention.
PATRICK REED: It was good. It felt good. Just too many mistakes out there. Too many missed putts and really what hurt me was yesterday missing two 3-footers for birdie and, you know, just a couple careless mistakes throughout the whole week.

I felt like I played solid today. I really didn't feel like I did anything wrong on the last when I walked off with a 5. Yeah, it's disappointing. At the end of the day, back in contention. Having a chance to win a golf tournament is always fun.

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