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March 10, 2018

Patrick Reed

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. Can you just talk about the conditions? It seems it was a little getable today.
PATRICK REED: It was. You know, the wind wasn't blowing like the 1st Round, of course. I felt like the pins today were tougher than yesterday but with it staying overcast like this the greens stayed receptive, a little softer. You're kind of able to attack and kind of go after the golf course.

But, you know, I felt like the PGA TOUR did a great job today by putting the pins on some pretty good slopes so lot of the short putts you still had a decent amount of turn in them and that's kind of how they combated the overcast skies where they're going to have softer greens. If you're hitting the ball well, you're able to shoot a low number out here.

Q. We talked to you about this in December in the Bahamas about Tiger coming back. You were one of the guys, you said you wanted to see him at his best.
Could you hear what was going on out there this morning?

PATRICK REED: I see the scoreboard, see what he's doing. It will be fun. I hope honestly, I hope those guys don't run too far out. I'd love to be in the mix go with those guys. You know, I left some out there today and, you know, whenever you do that, you have to shoot a low number on Sunday.

I'm hitting the ball well enough and hit 15 greens today and missed three putts inside ten feet and probably about 7 putts inside of 15 feet. So, I missed a lot of putts. All I need to do lip in rather than lip out. Be a fun Sunday.

Q. Do you think this course is set-up in such a way that you can go out and shoot a low number tomorrow?
PATRICK REED: Being here from what, 2013 or '14, whenever I first came out here and played every year, it just seems like the golf course, if you're within five, six shots of the lead, if you go out and shoot a low number and they have to look at it -- because come down the back-9 today you had 15 tee box up the par 3, you had 17 tee box up the par 3. So, you had 14 that was downwind and, you know, 13 was also tee box was up a lot.

That's not what happens on Sunday. Sunday they put the tee backs boxes in the back and instead of hitting 7, 8-irons into par-3s, now 4, 5 irons.

With that being said, you go out and post a low number. Though guys have to look at the number. It's tough around this place because it's hard to make birdies towards the end.

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