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March 10, 2018

Gregg Marshall

Landry Shamet

Shaquille Morris

Orlando, Florida

THE MODERATOR: We'll start with an opening statement from Coach.

GREGG MARSHALL: Well, that's a tough one to lose. I thought we played really well in the second half up until the very end and we lost to a very good team. That's all we were going to face in this tournament, we knew that, but we have got to execute better down the stretch, that's on me, and need to make a couple of free throws, and I think we could walk out of here with a win. But we have got to execute better and make sure we call our timeouts, if we don't have the option we're looking for on the out of bounds.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Coach and the student-athletes.

Q. Could you talk about how tough Rob Gray was tonight.
LANDRY SHAMET: Yeah, he's a good player, multidimensional. Especially when he's shooting it well like he was tonight. But part of that is just on us not really pressuring the ball enough. Not taking anything away from him, he's a hell of a player, First Team All-Conference for a reason and we just didn't defend him well enough and he made some big plays down the stretch, and we knew that's what he does and credit to him.

Q. For anyone, really, what was it that about the Houston defense that made it tough to score in the first half?
GREGG MARSHALL: Well, they're very aggressive. They were getting up in our guards, it was very physical, they started calling the game a little differently in the second half. It was much more, okay, let's clean it up. I don't know why they decided at halftime they wanted to clean it up. So we played one half kind of rough and tumble and the second half was more of, let's clean it up.

They're just a good defensive team. They're gritty, they're tough, they're well schooled and they were knocking us off our cuts, they took the ball from us a couple times. So their physicality certainly bothered us.

Q. I know you just lost, but I know the last few years you've had some issues with your seeding in the NCAA Tournament. Is that something you thought about or expecting now that you're in a better conference now?
GREGG MARSHALL: I really don't. I have no idea what to expect. We know we're in. I would like to be positively surprised one year, but I don't anticipate anything favorable, I just hope that we get a good draw and a good place to go and we go play well and see how far that can carry us.

THE MODERATOR: Wichita State, thank you.

GREGG MARSHALL: Thank you, guys.

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