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March 9, 2018

Chris Mooney

Khwan Fore

Jacob Gilyard

Washington, D.C.

St. Bonaventure - 83, Richmond - 77

CHRIS MOONEY: Well, congratulations to St. Bonaventure. They've obviously had a great year and played well tonight. I'm very proud, couldn't be more proud of our team and how we fought. They had a 17-point lead twice that we -- we got it to a two-point game, and I think the script was going to be that Mobley just made all those shots, and we couldn't have doing anything about it, and we changed that, and we came back and really made it a game. I thought Khwan played a great game, as good of a game as any guard we've had here, and I just thought our fight was tremendous. So I'm extremely proud and wish we had more basketball to play.

Q. Could you just discuss the comeback and what it was made out of? Looked like attacking and hitting threes and playing a lot of defense.
KHWAN FORE: Yeah, after the run with Mobley, we kept huddling up, sticking with each other and just stayed locked in and just made sure that we could make our run and try to take over the game from there.

Q. When Mobley is that hot, how tough is it to mentally weather that and know that you may have a chance to come back in the game?
KHWAN FORE: It's really tough, but you've just got to keep guarding him, keep making him make tough shots and just hoping that he misses.

Q. Jacob, I know that Missouri is a big state, and I know that he's a couple years older. I was just wondering, growing up did you ever know Courtney or play against him or with him or anything?
JACOB GILYARD: No, sir, not at all.

Q. Can you talk about trying to deal with Mobley during that time? It looked like they were 23, 24 feet, weren't running on the line or anything like that?
JACOB GILYARD: He's a tough cover. I think everybody in here knows that. He got going, and we just tried to make adjustments. We were switched up to man a little bit and he still was going, to kind of just trying to take it personal and make it tough on him.

Q. You suggested that the Spiders are done. Did you do that officially?

Q. Could you talk about Mobley and just his -- especially those first threes --
CHRIS MOONEY: Yeah, they were very, very deep, and obviously we talked about it. But they were deeper than even expected. You know, to a certain extent, it surprises you because of the depth of the shots, but also a few of them were there and contesting and they're deep, and they still go in. Just incredible shooting performance. But I'm really pleased that the story of the game didn't end there, and I think it was more about us being down two with the ball and with a chance to tie it or take the lead.

Q. I don't know if this game is a microcosm of your season, but can you talk about the progress you've had with a team that had no seniors?
CHRIS MOONEY: Yeah, I think -- I mean, I'm really proud and really excited. I mean, I'm more disappointed that we don't get to have shoot-around tomorrow or a game and those things and be with these guys, but I'm really excited. I think we have really good young players. They're tough. They're tough-minded. They're proud. They want to be good. And I feel like we're going to have a very, very bright future.

You know, we had a very tough start to our season. I think we really did a lot of very, very good things, and excited for the future.

Q. Do you think back to November and just identify a thing or two that really got you moving in the right direction?
CHRIS MOONEY: You know, I would say more the consistency. I think -- I was talking -- the other day when Kevin Anderson was a freshman we had a late play in the game where he turned the ball over and the other team went down and scored right at the buzzer. It was a tie game. And I can't give that experience to Jacob or to Grant. They just have to experience it for themselves. I think that was the biggest thing.

Our coaches stayed positive but honest, and each day they came to work, and we got a little bit better and found some success. I don't know if it was one thing, I just think that our guys maturing, learning about college basketball, having new roles for the guys who were back, and just consistently approaching every day.

Q. You've played against a couple tourney teams this year like Cincinnati and Bucknell. I was wondering how the Bonnies compare, and do you think this is one of the 68 best teams in America?
CHRIS MOONEY: Yeah, well, they're definitely an NCAA team. I think they compare very favorably to everybody. Cincinnati's depth is incredible, but when you have guards like Adams and Mobley, I mean, those guys are just so tough to stop. I like their front court players, and Stockard had a great game today. But when you have guards like that, just every situation is improved if you have tremendous guards, which they do. I think they'll be -- I think with a great coach like Mark, I think they'll do very well.

Q. You held Adams to his worst game of the year, and even with all that, they come out and hit their first 10 shots. You go down by 17 twice and you still have a possession to take the lead. That's got to be pretty encouraging.
CHRIS MOONEY: Very encouraging. I'm telling you, I feel like -- I mean, I feel great about our team. You know, I feel great about our team. You're right. I mean, and the way that those shots were falling and the effect that it has just on your psyche, we -- the guys rallied and stayed together. We were calm and composed. We pressured when we had to, and we were able to make it a game. So I'm thrilled with our team.

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