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November 1, 2002

Vijay Singh


VIJAY SINGH: Those six 8-footers, if you make those ones, you are going to stay in the game. Sooner or later, it caught up with me. I missed one on 14 and 3-putted 15.

I just tried to be very patient. I know it's a four-day tournament, and even three or four shots off the lead is not going to be that bad. Luckily, I'm one off.

Q. How difficult were the greens today?

VIJAY SINGH: Well, it's a disadvantage to go out late with the greens so soft. Because there are a lot of footprints, a lot of spike marks. It wasn't looking very good there towards the end.

We just hung in there. Pick a spot and hit it and hope for the best.

Q. How can the greens be soft and fast at the same time?

VIJAY SINGH: They're rolling the greens a lot. The greens are not that soft. They are firmer than what it seems like. If you hit good shots -- you get the ball rolling online, you've got a good chance of making it.

Q. You know how to score low on this course. Everyone thought that with a ball in their hand, Lawrie shot a 60 in the Pro-Am that you would be able to do something; why is it that this course has not budged?

VIJAY SINGH: The pin placements are a little more difficult. If you miss it on the wrong side, it's almost impossible to get it up-and-down. There's no pins in the middle of the greens anymore, they are all tucked away. That's why the scores are high.

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