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March 8, 2018

Mike Dunleavy

Cameron Reynolds

Orlando, Florida

Temple - 82, Tulane - 77

THE MODERATOR: We'll start with an opening statement from Coach and then take questions for the student-athletes and Coach.

MIKE DUNLEAVY: Well, obviously I'm disappointed that we lost. I thought that we started off the game the way we wanted to start it out, we executed pretty well. Then we settled for some shots from the outside when we were in the bonus, and Temple was able to catch up and take a lead. Then obviously they came out in that second half and they caught, they got a couple of rhythm threes that they made right away, scored eight points on us and put us in a hole.

I was proud of the way our guys fought back. It's kind of been a trait that we have had all year long, that we have been able to come from behind and win ball games. Probably had seven or eight games where we were down by double digits in the second half of games and won. A couple shots here or there and maybe a little bit of a difference. But tip my cap to Temple, they're a really well-coached team, really solid team. They spaced the floor, they passed the ball well and obviously they have got a number of quality wins under their belt, so hopefully they can take the next step.

THE MODERATOR: Take questions for Coach, please.

Q. How do you feel in general you defended the three-point line tonight?
MIKE DUNLEAVY: Well, we didn't do a great job. Clearly we know the guys Enechionyia and Alston and Rose like to shoot the three. They're catch-and-shoot guys. We were hopeful that we could get to them, close out right away and there were a number of times we did a good job on it, but going backwards, Enechionyia ended up with a wide open three in the last couple minutes of the game. But I would have to go back and look at the film, but I have no idea how he got so open. We were scrambling around, somebody miscommunicated a matchup probably where we maybe had two guys on one, because I mean he was just wide open. Those type of things are big plays. We had a couple of miscommunications defensively at the end of the game that hurt.

There were a lot of plays along the way, but they get a little more magnified down the stretch. We had a pick-and-roll high where I went with a small lineup, so that we would switch all the pick-and-rolls, and they turned the corner and got a layup on one. Again, kind of a miscommunication, I guess with our guys. One guy thought it wasn't close enough for it to be a pick to switch, that we should have just stayed. Again, if we talk it out, stay or switch, then you don't run into those problems.

But I thought that they got too many clean looks, particularly in that second half, even though they were deep, they were deep looks, but they have that ability. Just like Cameron Reynolds, our guy, he's got that ability. I'm sure Coach was saying on the other side that, hey, when Reynolds is there, get up underneath him, get under his chin, you don't want to give him space. And the last couple shots that he made, I think that he was back probably further than where they wanted him to be.

But the big difference for us I think in the three-pointers and in the big part of the game was Moorman, No. 4, the threes that he hit. There were a couple of kind of daggers in the sense that you know he's got some of the ability, but that's not necessarily his game, and they weren't particularly wide open shots. One I think was with the clock running down, but he pulled the trigger and he came up big for them.

I'm hopeful that his knee is not a bad injury. Hopefully he is able to recover and play in the tournament here. But he came in the game and gave them some value minutes but talk about the threes, the threes he hit were big threes.

Q. Cam, how would you describe the progress of this team from year one last year to this season? Even your losses down the stretch, a lot of them were close games. Just how would you describe the progress from this time last year to now?
CAMERON REYNOLDS: Yeah, the progress is great. Like you said, we only won six games last year. We won 14 this year and the games that we lost, five out of six we lost by a total of 22 points. So everything is right there. We just have to be a disciplined team at the end of the shot clock.

Q. How far back would you say those last couple of threes you hit were?
CAMERON REYNOLDS: I'm not sure, but they went down, so that's the only thing that really matters.

THE MODERATOR: All right, Tulane. Thank you.


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