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March 8, 2018

Russell Knox

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. Best score on this course, 69. Start from the 10th, 3-under through those holes.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah. I mean I got off to a great ball-striking start. Hit the par 5 on 11 in two with my 3-hybrid. I don't think I ever went for that before. I holed a beautiful putt there on our 4th hole from off the green. Definitely was nice to get the, nice to see some under par scores there.

Q. (Inaudible).
RUSSELL KNOX: On the up-slope. I almost was aiming for the bunker for my second shot because in previous years I just always hoped that we get it there, which is awful. The bunker is perfect. I knew it was a great chance to get up and down.

Q. Bones was on the course and commented on your shot. The wind kept changing.
RUSSELL KNOX: My three bogies I think were what happened to me, you think a club you hit it and quite happy with it in the air and I got it rolling a few times hopelessly wrong. That's why the scores are so tough today. This course is hard, the wind swirls and, yeah, I mean I got it wrong a few times. Obviously I got it right a few times, too.

Q. Here at the 6th.
RUSSELL KNOX: I hit a beautiful drive here and 148. I would have bet my life I missed the putt short. Never looked like it was getting there. Kept going, going, going. That was definitely a nice birdie on a difficult hole.

Q. Nice round, 69, 2-under par. Anything under par today is pretty darn good.
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. It was windy, pretty cool during the day. Tough to pull clubs. Always is on this course. I mean the wind swirls throughout the trees and got it wrong a few times but, obviously, got it right a few times, too.

Q. What was the strength of your game today would you say?
RUSSELL KNOX: I mean I hit the ball well. Every part of my game was pretty good. Had a good time with Paul Casey and Nick Watney, had a good group, all under par. Won't be too many of those groups today. Saw some good shots, which helped. Drove the ball nice, made some nice putts.

Q. Looked good out there to me. It was a pleasure to watch. Thanks for your time.
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