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March 8, 2018

Tad Boyle

George King

Lucas Siewert

Las Vegas, Nevada

Arizona - 83, Colorado - 67

TAD BOYLE: Today was not Colorado's day, obviously, and Arizona had a lot to do with that. My hat goes off to them. They played well. They played better than us today.

We weren't good enough. We weren't good enough rebounding the ball all game long. I thought a lot of 50-50 balls that could have gone either way went to Arizona, which, again, they deserve them because they got them.

We had trouble getting to the foul line in the first half. We had trouble getting there early in the second half as well. We fouled too much.

It was frustrating afternoon for us. We shot so well yesterday from three, and today we didn't.

Disappointing, but, again, this has been an enjoyable group to coach. A group that I really love, and the future of Colorado basketball is bright given our young corps of freshmen. Unfortunately, for four seniors, this is the end of the road for them.

Q. What happened to McKinley Wright on that play, and how did that affect him moving forward?
TAD BOYLE: It twisted his ankle, and twisted it pretty bad. He's twisted it before, and this one he got pretty good. He was in a lot of pain, and he wanted to go back in towards the end, but the trainer said he's pretty sore and tender.

McKinley's a Warrior. I would have expected him -- I thought, if we could have gotten that thing within striking distance, I probably would have gone with him, but I certainly didn't want to risk him or his ankle for the sake of just putting him back in the game.

So the health and welfare of our student-athletes is always number one, and I just made that call at end. But we miss him. He's important to us.

But our guys fought today. We didn't lose this game because we didn't fight. We lost it because we didn't play well enough, and, again, we didn't come up with those 50-50 balls like Arizona did.

Q. Arizona went on -- I think it was a 14-0 run right after McKinley got hurt. Did you feel there was any deflating feeling on the bench when he went down?
TAD BOYLE: There wasn't on my part. I don't know if the players felt that or not. But McKinley's important to us, there is no doubt about that. Again, our offense stalled at times today, like it has all year. We had some open looks that didn't go in.

But our defense and rebounding was not good enough for us to rely on today to keep us in the game. And that 14-0 run is a great example of that.

So McKinley goes out. It might take us a while to figure things out offensively, but we weren't getting any stops. They went on that run, and it was kind of all she wrote.

Q. Do you think there's much of an advantage for Arizona geographically having so many fans here year after year?
TAD BOYLE: No. I mean, look, their fans travel, travel well. Since we've been in the league, they've led the league in attendance at home every single year. So their fans travel well. They're very passionate.

But Vegas is an easy place to get to, and it's a place that any fan can get to really. Now, they can maybe drive, so that's a little bit more of an advantage. But this is a great venue for this tournament, for a lot of people, lot of fans. Our players like it. Great arena, great hospitality.

So if they have an advantage, there's nothing we can do about it. We can't move campuses.

Q. George King, any thoughts on your last Pac-12 game?
GEORGE KING: Just trying to come out there with a lot of effort, toughness. Just tried to win the game.

Q. George, I know these things are maybe tough to process this quickly after a loss like this, but can you comment just on your CU career and what it's meant to you these five years?
GEORGE KING: Yeah, I mean, I remember before CU was recruiting me I was watching Andre here, and I told myself I could see myself playing here at the University of Colorado. This is before they were recruiting me. Then when I got the offer, I kind of already committed in my head all I needed to do was just go to the campus.

But it's been a roller coaster journey for me, my five years here. I'm a Buff for life, and always will be. I'm looking forward to see the -- I mean, the future of this program is in great hands. You see this guy right here on my left grow up in this tournament the last couple games before as well. And with the guys, McKinley and the guys that we have, it's going to be exciting to watch.

But, again, yeah, it's been up-and-down journey for me, but this is the greatest campus. CU has the greatest campus. The greatest university in the world.

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