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March 8, 2018

Bill Kennedy

Admon Gilder

R.J. Starks

Nashville, Tennessee

Alabama - 71, Texas A&M - 70

BILL KENNEDY: Proud that our team fought back. We had to overcome some foul trouble with T.J. in the first half and Tyler in the second half. Made a good comeback. They made a heck of a play at the end. Got to give them credit.

Q. T.J., will you walk us through the shot before Sexton shot off the screen and they hit the three.
T.J. STARKS: I was just focused. I knew we needed to get a shot up. I knew we needed to get a three as well. I just told Tyler, and Tyler wanted to set a screen. I told him to go down because I knew I could hit the shot. I just took my time, followed through, and it went in.

Q. Just talk about the battle with Sexton throughout the whole game. You guys were pretty physical with each other, and then both of you ended up playing pretty well.
ADMON GILDER: Sexton is a pretty good player. He's aggressive on offense as well as defense. I just knew I had to get my mind right throughout the game and come out with authority. Show him as well as everybody else that I'm capable of being on the floor with him. I just did what I knew how to do, and I competed the way I know how.

Q. I know it's obviously a tough loss, but how good do you feel about this team going into Selection Sunday and the NCAA Tournament?
BILL KENNEDY: I feel really good. I thought we overcame some adversity today with the foul trouble in both halves. It's something we can learn from, that the game's not over until the buzzer goes off. We did a good job of fighting back.

I thought Alabama played really well. That's the best they've played, that I've seen them in the last few weeks.

Q. Billy, look, understanding that, obviously, you all didn't want to foul. Is there something that you would have said, hey, we should have done differently on the last play? Or do you sometimes just acknowledge that the other guy made a great play?
BILL KENNEDY: Obviously, we called a time-out to try to get organized, and we got organized. We wonder if we could have made Collin catch it a step further up the floor and maybe put two people on him. I would do differently, obviously knowing that he was able to get it off. But he made an awkward shot, and he made a heck of a shot.

But the reason why we called time-out was to not let that happen on a broken play. And he ended up making a play. We could have done a better job of making it a little bit harder for him to get the ball.

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