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March 7, 2018

Steve Prohm

Lindell Wigginton

Cameron Lard

Kansas City, Missouri

Texas - 68, Iowa State - 64

THE MODERATOR: Okay, we are joined now by the Cyclones from Iowa State. Coach Steve Prohm, his student-athletes are Cameron Lard and Lindell Wigginton. Coach, we will turn to you for an opening comment.

STEVE PROHM: You know, this is always a tough game, when it's the last game, especially with no postseason in front of us. First off, congratulations to Texas and Shaka and those guys will hopefully do well tomorrow and going forward with the NCAAs.

For our guys, I got two young guys here that I hope can be the future of Iowa State basketball and leave their legacy like a lot of guys before them did. I hope they understand now what we've got to do to get better and get ready to get to work because this is obviously a tough year. We've got to learn from it and then get back to work.

Q. Guys, down the stretch you had a chance to kinda get over the hump. They made a couple plays late, but what was going through your minds when you were making the comeback late in the game with the crowd behind you?
LINDELL WIGGINTON: Really we just gotta try to stay focused. The crowd is behind us. We've gotta stay poised and in a couple of those moments we turned the ball over and they scored off our turnovers.

CAMERON LARD: Just bought into what Coach told us to do and executing down the stretch.

THE MODERATOR: Okay, gentlemen. Thank you for coming. Questions for Coach?

Q. Coach, looking at the big picture of the Big 12, you guys not going to the NCAA tournament. But nine teams still could possibly make it. What are your thoughts about this tournament with so much balance and so many great teams?
STEVE PROHM: Great teams, great coaches, I hope nine go. I think we have the best league in the country. You never know until Sunday, but I'm pulling for all nine teams to get in and we need to get back in there next year for sure because this is a rough feeling here.

THE MODERATOR: Coach, thank you very much.

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