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March 7, 2018

Terence Davis

Tony Madlock

Breein Tyree

Nashville, Tennessee

South Carolina - 85, Mississippi - 84

TONY MADLOCK: Be very brief with you guys. Proud of these guys. Came out and fought. That's all we've asked the last five games, for these guys to play as hard as you can, play together, play for your brother. That's all we've asked. I know I sound like a broken record. They probably could say the same thing. That's all we've asked these guys to do. I'm so proud of them. These guys are going to do great things, and we'll keep moving forward.

Q. Terence, how hard was it to continue to play hard as the losses mounted and the season went on? How hard was it to continue that effort?
TERENCE DAVIS: Not at all. I've been playing since I was four, five. I just love this game. So it wasn't hard at all.

Q. Breein, could you address that question as well. Why did you guys give so much effort when the season was as dismal as it was at the end?
BREEIN TYREE: Because we plan to win every game. As the losses pile on, guys -- we hang our heads, we're just going to keep losing. We try to get more energy, try to stay positive, and try to get some wins out of the end of the season.

Q. Was it odd, strange, or whatever that A.K. is up doing TV while you guys are playing your last game? Did you guys notice at all?
BREEIN TYREE: I didn't really notice him. We're used to seeing him. We saw him every day during practice. No animosity against A.K. Hopefully he was rooting for us.

Q. For Terence and I guess Breein, too. What kind of qualities are you hoping to see in your next head coach?
TERENCE DAVIS: I haven't really thought about that yet, you know.

BREEIN TYREE: Me neither. Obviously, someone like Coach Madlock, someone that's going to believe in you, be with you every day through the good and the bad. And he's a prime example of the type of coach that I would want to have on my staff.

Q. Breein, you guys were up 53-48 or so, and they hit three-pointers on three straight trips. Could you talk about what you guys were seeing from them at that time, why they were able to get open looks.
BREEIN TYREE: It was a lot in transition. They were making transition threes. Booker was getting in that corner. He was wide open and made the shot.

Q. Terence, how do you describe this season? Can you put it into words, just everything you guys have been through?
TERENCE DAVIS: In the beginning of the season, we had a few struggles, a couple close losses, South Dakota State, Illinois State, at home. It's a different thing losing a close game at home. We've been this close the whole season, so I mean, it was -- the season could have easily been the other way around. We could have easily been on the other side of the losses.

THE MODERATOR: We'll excuse you fellas. We'll continue with Coach Madlock.

Q. Tony, could you talk about that sequence, please, where you guys were up 53-48, they hit threes on three straight possessions. What was enabling them to get the looks they got?
TONY MADLOCK: First of all, we talked about it with Booker. He's a catch-and-shoot guy. He can really shoot the ball. He's been playing well. And like Bree said, they got us in transition one time where we just didn't get matched up. And we were in zone. We went small, and so we went zone and tried to keep some guys out of foul trouble. They hit a couple of big shots. This is how the game goes. It's a make-or-miss league. He made big-time shots. So that's what happened.

Q. Coach, now that this season is complete, just what goes through your mind as the buzzer goes off and now it's over?
TONY MADLOCK: It's about those guys. It was always about those guys and just getting those guys to play hard. It's been difficult on those guys. Just think about it, your coach leaves with basically four regular season games left. It's one of those deals that we just had to try to rally around each other, stay positive, stay together, and they did a good job of that. So I'm just so proud of those guys.

Q. Tony, these guys that are coming back, what do you think of them? What do you think the next coach is going to inherit?
TONY MADLOCK: I have no idea.

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