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March 7, 2018

Jerod Hasse

Dorian Pickens

Reid Travis

Dorian Pickens

Las Vegas, Nevada

Stanford - 76, California - 58

JEROD HAASE: We're certainly excited to be able to move on. I think in tournament situations, you do build momentum once you're in the tournament. So we feel like we have some momentum moving forward. We were able to catch Cal on a cold night. They didn't shoot the ball great, but I thought our defense was for the most part active. We executed the game plan how we wanted. Offensively, actually, both ends in the first half. I thought we played a little bit tight, but it was driven by trying to do the right things.

In the second half, I thought our guys relaxed a little bit more. Really enjoyed each other's success, and I thought we played a little bit more fluid basketball in the second half.

Q. Can you talk about how important it was to get Reid going right away, and how that impacted your offense the rest of the game?
JEROD HAASE: Well, certainly. Reid is always going to be a focal point of the defense, for good reason, because he's a focal point of our offense as well. When he gets going, it certainly draws attention to him. When that happens, it kind of frees some of the other guys up as well.

But he's proven now for a long period of time that he's an impressive offensive player in so many ways. When we do get him going early, I think it opens it up for others as well.

THE MODERATOR: Reid, is that true?

REID TRAVIS: Yeah, definitely. A big emphasis for me is playing with the motor and just trying to get us started the right way when we start the game. So the more I can do that, the more guys got to start helping down and trying to make the right reads, the right passes out so guys like Dorian and Daejon can get threes. And Oscar stepped in and made a lot of big shots. The more I can be aggressive and then just make the right plays, I think the more successful we can be.

Q. Coach, can you talk about the post double that you guys used, and did you get out of it what you hoped to?
JEROD HAASE: Yeah, we trapped big to big anytime we were in man, and Lee caught the basketball. I don't know if it was completely effective every time. But we did get a couple steals out of it and disrupted their offense and took the ball out of his hands so it was a priority. There are some positives to it. We'll go back and watch the tape and see how effective it was, but I would say I was pleased with it.

Q. Dorian, congratulations. You were named the Pac-12 Scholar-Athlete earlier this week. You also helped your team advance to the next round of the tournament. Can you talk about that motivation as you head in? You're just killing it on the court and in the classroom?
DORIAN PICKENS: Thank you, it's an extreme honor to be named Scholar-Athlete of the Year in the conference. There are so many guys from top to bottom that are doing great things on and off the court. Even with my team, obviously, and within other teams as well.

So that's been an extreme honor and blessing. I'm extremely thankful. I've got to thank a lot of people for being able to help me get to that point.

Yeah, today I just wanted to come out aggressive. Especially on the defensive end we all wanted to come out with the mindset. Attack first, kind of get on them right from the jump. Not let up for the rest of the game. So being able to get down here and being able to get our feet wet with a win earlier today is a good feeling.

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