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March 6, 2018

Mike Bradbury

Cherise Benyon

Jaisa Nunn

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wyoming - 69, New Mexico - 66

MIKE BRADBURY: I thought especially in the first half we played well. Defensively we were sound. Most importantly we were plus five rebounding in the first half. That was a big reason that we had the lead.

In the second half, we got beat up on the boards. We were minus nine or ten just in that half. That's one thing that we talk about when we play them, if we can just be around even, then we'll probably win. We got beat up on the boards in the second half. They made a real effort to drive the ball. We had a hard time guarding them.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Jaisa, you were down there on the boards, playing in the post. What was it like down there?
JAISA NUNN: It was real physical down there. It was just a battle. Getting rebounds, you had to go hard for them. Sometimes you got them, sometimes you didn't. It was just real physical.

Q. Cherise, describe your emotions after the game.
CHERISE BENYON: Just very disappointed. We came out with a really strong first half. We didn't match the energy. I'm just disappointed in myself and how we just let it slip out of our hands.

Q. What changed in the second half?
CHERISE BENYON: Just the energy level. Like we said, the first half we were defensively sound. We didn't apply the same pressure in the third quarter. We needed to come out strong, and we didn't, we let up, let them control the pace of the game, not our pace.

THE MODERATOR: We'll dismiss the student-athletes and continue with questions for coach.

Q. In the second quarter, Anderson played a big role for you. In the second half she played four minutes. What made you decide to go away from that?
MIKE BRADBURY: She gave us a lot of energy. Tesha was in foul trouble in the second quarter. AT played really good, probably could have played her some more in the second half.

Tesha hit a couple threes. Jaisa has been our best player for the last month. As good as AT was, you kind of ride the two that brought you.

Q. Taylor Rusk scored 18 points for Wyoming, took over that game in the third quarter. Speak about what it was like trying to slow her down.
MIKE BRADBURY: She's been good all year, but she was really good tonight. She's a good player. Makes them hard to guard because they shoot the three so well. I thought we made a conscious effort and a good effort to guard the three.

It wasn't just her. It was mainly the post players that beat us off the dribble. Clearly it was her because she had a lot of points. What I'm saying is it wasn't just her. It was everybody. And mainly those two four players that they played together really made us pay.

Q. Is it somewhat of a disappointing season for you?
MIKE BRADBURY: No, this is the most wins we've had at New Mexico in a decade. We'll play in the NIT next week. They haven't been to an NIT in a decade. It's not disappointing.

I'm disappointed right this second because we didn't win, but...


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