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March 6, 2018

Jaime White

Aly Gamez

Maddi Utti

Las Vegas, Nevada

Colorado State - 71, Fresno State - 55

JAIME WHITE: Obviously not the greatest outcome. I thought we did a good job in the first half. It wasn't necessarily easy. Credit to Colorado State. I thought they defended really well. We just couldn't get rolling, couldn't get on a run. We struggled a little bit at getting to the rim. I didn't think we shot the three as well as we have. They defended well.

In the second half, you know, I don't know how you say her name, Stine lit us up. She hit a couple back-to-back threes that kind of took the air out. Just never could get on a roll.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for our student-athletes.

Q. If you were to pinpoint, what took place in the second half? There were a couple of different intangibles that took place.
ALY GAMEZ: I think it came down to who got the most stops. We weren't getting as many stops as we were in the first and second quarter. They were hitting shots and we weren't.

Q. Colorado State had their scorers you're focusing on to defend, but the reserve off the bench, No. 23, seemed to be a sparkplug. When you're focused on stopping their key players, she's making passes, big blocks, did that make it difficult?

We knew about Grace. Her best games have been against us. So no surprise. We were glad she went 1-4, to be honest. She's a nice player. She's hurt us before just driving, being physical. I thought she came in. I heard Ryun say she was focused and had the game in her head. I think she did, which created some openings.

The fact I think we made her pass was a little bit better than letting her get to the rim. But we also knew about their shooters obviously, the whole league knows about No. 2, Stine. We kind of gambled with our zone and went into the zone and tried to rotate out, which is what we've beaten them with the last two times we played.

They were able to break that down. Again, credit to them. I thought they had everybody really dialed in. I thought their team played well together tonight.

Q. Coach, how tough was it to see the night that Candice White had?
JAIME WHITE: Candice did have great games. In fact, what did she have, 14 points in overtime against them at their place? Really has, I think, since her freshman year had great games against Colorado State. Obviously they knew about her.

I thought Tvrdy came out and played solid defense on her. You know, it's hard. A couple shots, you get a couple layups that she missed, then that starts to wear on you a little bit. Just trying to defend and score, I think she ran out of gas a little bit towards the end.

Q. When you see Candice White struggling, does that add maybe extra pressure to you to get to the basket and score?
ALY GAMEZ: I just think we've got to notice it. We all got to come together to try to run the offense and get the most valuable shot that we can get, whether that's a layup or whatever, the best open shot.

Seeing that she's struggling, I guess, I think somebody else has to kind of step up a little bit, or say, Hey, Candice, you're all right, you got the next one.

MADDI UTTI: Yeah, I think Candice, even when Candice isn't scoring, she's still contributing to the game a lot. When she's not scoring, she's distributing the ball really well. We all have to help with the scoring when she's not, so...

JAIME WHITE: Candice has been solid all year. She's the lead -- isn't she the leading scorer in the league? Yeah. You've going to have an off game. You just hope it's not going to be here today.

But she's been solid. Like they say, if she's not scoring, she's out there because she's valuable to us. We're so proud of her and what she's done, her focus, her hard work off the court, academically. I mean, the kid, it's hard to be pretty perfect in almost area, so we'll give her a break today.


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