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March 5, 2018

Stacie Terry

McKynzie Fort

Cheyenne Greenhouse

Las Vegas, Nevada

Nevada - 95, San Diego State - 84 (OT)

STACIE TERRY: You know, this is one of those games that you don't want to -- neither one of those teams really deserved to lose. Both of us battled, played really hard. I thought our girls came out and believed that they could win, played like they could win, and just came up short.

But you know, that's what you're playing for. We came back, battled back, got a lead and had a chance to win it in regulation. That's really what you're playing for in the conference tournament.

Now in March it's about execution, and I thought we did a decent job with that on the offensive side, but didn't get the stops we needed to in regulation, and then in overtime we just fouled too much. I think they scored 13 of the 17 on the free-throw line.

Defense, I think, they executed down the stretch, and we didn't finish there.

But proud of the fight, proud of the fight in our girls. Our team has showed a lot of grit. We've battled through a lot of adversity this year. McKynzie has been playing with a broke finger. We lost one of our shooters to an ACL. There's a lot of things been going on, and for us to come in here and give that type of effort, they wanted to win. I hate that they didn't have a better result.

Q. You guys somewhat had the momentum closing the first half on a 7-0 run. You had really wreaked some havoc on their offense, created some turnovers. I know Coach had made some changes, brought some reserves in, and it sort of sparked the team a little bit. The same thing happened in the third quarter. What was the turning point in your eyes in the fourth that just gave them their momentum? Was it more defensive lapses or was it T taking over with her offensive game?
McKYNZIE FORT: T. Moe, actually, she played a great game, and she's a player that I feel like we have to be able to lock down. But we expect her to play hard for her team. I think we had a lot of momentum into the fourth or the fourth and third, just with the pace that we were running. You know, with the change of pace, sometimes it's hard to get back on the defensive end. But I think if we would have kept that pace up a little bit more, you know, it would have went our way.

You know, we can't really change how the outcome was, but I mean, if we could redo it, I think just keep playing with higher tempo. We had a run and then they had a run, so it just didn't fall our way, I don't think.

CHEYENNE GREENHOUSE: I think we were successful on the offensive end, and we just had some defensive lapses, and at that point we were just kind of exchanging buckets. There just came a point when we were unable to score, and we weren't really getting stops on defense, so I think that kind of played a role in it, as well.

Q. If there's some way you could summarize a positive end to this season based off of what you guys have done, how you've come together, maybe the chemistry, and then your resiliency to really not give up in this game despite looking at the score, like Coach said, they hit their free throws. For either one of you or both of you.
McKYNZIE FORT: Well, I think personally, like, our team, we just fight through pretty much anything that comes our way. You know, at the end of the day, like I said, the outcome wasn't what we wanted, but the fight that we showed is something that we were capable of playing with all year. They're a great team, I think, as are we. Like she said, the defensive end. But I'm proud of my team for the effort and the fight that each of other players have, and each player is capable of doing something to help this team. I think that's something I would say.

CHEYENNE GREENHOUSE: I think everybody contributed somehow today. Everyone played their roles, and I think everyone left it on the court for the most part.

They're a really good team, and I think that our team fought.

Q. As I mentioned, was that your idea in the first half when they sort of broke out of their lead, you brought some reserves in to see if they could get something going? What was your thought process, and if that's the case, in the second half, you can't risk that, so you've got to leave your starters in. Put me in your mindset first and second half.
STACIE TERRY: You know, our bench is pretty deep, and we have quite a few players on the roster that can contribute at any given time, and I thought they did a great job of keeping us in the game, getting us the lead.

I thought Cheyenne Greenhouse came off the bench and played a fantastic game tonight, and we got something out of our post play, too, which is something that has been up and down, so proud of what they came with today. So just trying to give other people opportunities, and they stepped up there.

But down the stretch, went with what we know, and they came back, and I think they came back with a different type of want-to after we had made that run to close the second quarter, and then obviously to pull ahead in the fourth.

You know, like I said, I think our bench was pretty deep, and we did a good job coming off the bench today.

Q. And can you just talk about T. Moe's game? In the fourth quarter it was so hard, you could put as many arms and hands in her face, she just took it over.
STACIE TERRY: Well, you know, she's a great player, and she's a senior, and she's fighting for that not to be her last game, and she came out and she battled.

You know, they have so many weapons on their team, and they're so strong in the post that we were lending a lot of support to the post players, so that allowed some of the guards to get loose in some of those situations because we were worried about their post play.

But she came out and played a very efficient game and got to the free-throw line. I think that was the difference, the amount of free throws that they shot, and that's really what I think -- where the game was won, us fouling and them shooting free throws.

Q. And just finally, it looks like McKynzie and yourself, your eyes are a little swollen. In the locker room after the game, what did you say? It must have been an emotional moment for you guys.
STACIE TERRY: You know, I love our seniors. I love this group. We've been through a lot. And I think we're all disappointed with the outcome. So it was hard.

Cheyenne was my very first signee when I got the job, so seeing her go and seeing these kids grow up and through the program, you know, that's what I'm going to take from all this is they're great people. They're going to do fantastic things in the world, and I'm just happy to be a part of their journey.

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