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November 19, 2004

Bernhard Langer

Colin Montgomerie


RODDY WILLIAMS: Well-played today. Tough match out there but you managed to keep a pretty impressive record going.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, we have a super record together, especially in foursomes play. I don't know what the record is in international competition, but it's a very good one and we're delighted to play with each other. We get on well. We tend to play the same type of game and we think the same way and we interacted very well. And in foursomes that's obviously what you've got to do.

Although we were 2-down after two, we started bogey, bogey, but we had seven birdies from then on with no more dropped shots. So we were 5-under and we only lost one on the last green. So it was a great game.

Tom Kite and Ray Floyd are probably as competitive a two as you find anywhere and have been through their career, and it's always nice to win against them. But, you know, 15, 16, 17, they birdied every hole, and not from great positions, you know, but they birdied every hole and they made us think.

I had to hole about a 10-footer on 17 to bogey the last 1-down. So, game-on. This is good competition. This is better competition than you might imagine or think. This is game-on now, you know. And we've got a lead again which is great for the Rest of the World and Gary is very keen to win this event. We've lost the last three, I believe, and we tied last time, and he wants to go one better, this. We've got a good team together and we're very keen to try and do so.

Q. You say "Gary is keen to win this". Is it something overt or some more subtle that you just know that he wants to win?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, he has a passion for the game, very much. He has a passion for life, doesn't he, Gary Player. He's very proud of his regimes and his fitness and his mind and the whole thing that goes with it, and he wants to win. He's a competitor, and I'm sure Arnold feels the same way.

Q. Is it something he has said to you?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: He just says I'm very proud to be a captain and we've lost this thing or we tied eventually but lost this thing the first of the three years and it would be great if we could pull this off.

So he's passionate, very passionate about the game of golf still, even at his age.

Q. How important psychologically is it having the lead going?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, it's not much of a lead but it's psychological of course. The Americans, yet again, started out favored on paper, I suppose, and it's nice to have a lead again. And it shows that the guys that have not played on our team before, that it's possible to win and to do well. So it is important, of course it is.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Could you give us your thoughts on this morning's play, as well, and the relationship the two of you have out on the course because it seems to be paying dividends.

BERNHARD LANGER: First of all we got off to a horrendous start more or less. We pretty much gave the first two holes, but we knew it was not going to be over after two holes. We walked off that second green and we're saying, you know, okay, we're 2-down. Let's keep the ball on the fairway on the green, give ourselves chances and make some putts and put the pressure back on them. The last thing you want to do in foursomes is playing bogeys and kind of hand it to them on a silver platter.

So we started getting comfortable and started hitting some shots. We made three birdies in a row, I think 8, 9 and 10 or whatever it was and had more opportunities after. The whole thing changed and turned. I think that's foursomes. You don't want to beat yourself. You need to keep constant pressure on the other team, and at the end, we played very well in the end. I think.


BERNHARD LANGER: We set up birdie after birdie chance. We didn't convert every one, but we had great chances. And Tom Kite makes, whatever it was, at least 30 feet, maybe 40 feet on 16. And as we miss from six, seven feet, whatever and then he holes a bunker shot on the next.

So we look way ahead, we look like we're going to win both holes and we lost one. Thank goodness for the great putt on 17 and we halved it; otherwise we could have lost both of them. But that's match-play. In the end it was a great match and it was in a way sad that they 3-putted there on 18 from that fairly short distance, but that's what happens. I think Ray was, you know, wanted to make that putt to win and he was going after it and then he missed and it goes six feet by. That's not an easy putt when you have grain to deal with and cross-grain and left-to-right. So it all swung in our favor. It turned out great.

To come back to our relationship, I just think we like each other's company. We play a similar game. We just enjoy being together and our caddies are having a good time. We communicate, we talk and we just know we can do it well if we play somewhere close to our best. And, you know, over the year, we've proven that.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: We actually started playing together here in 1991, Kiawah Island.

BERNHARD LANGER: When you started that story about the sprinklerhead. (Laughing).


BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, on the second hole. Remember?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I'll never forget.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Was there any truth in that story?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: 13, 14 years ago, amazing.

RODDY WILLIAMS: By my calculations, this is your 10th match together in Ryder Cup and UBS Cup, and I think you've now one 8 1/2 and lost one.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: We lost to Tiger. I don't know how that was and O'Meara. I don't know how we lost. (Laughter.) What the hell, never mind.

Q. Any more from Ryder Cup, any other matches?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes, we played the four-ball against Corey Pavin and Steve Pate. That's when we started our relationship together.

BERNHARD LANGER: Which one was that?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Kiawah. '91 we played.

BERNHARD LANGER: We played Tiger twice in '97 at Valderrama, Tiger in the morning and afternoon.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: We got them in the afternoon.

BERNHARD LANGER: That was our one loss, so we had to get it back.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: One loss in ten games, that's okay. That's okay.

Q. How long was the birdie put that they had at the end?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It was about 20-foot I suppose. It could have been a good victory for them to birdie the last four holes to win by 1-up. It would have been a great end and he sort of, well, he just hit it a little bit too firm. Then suddenly, hang on, wow, there's one coming back here, and they didn't hole it. And one of those things, I suppose. I guess in these situations, you've got to go for the win and that's what he was trying to do.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Any thoughts on tomorrow's match, against Fred Funk and Hale Irwin?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, they played well today in their foursomes play and they are obviously a good, strong team. They play a similar game, and it will obviously be quite tight again. But we look forward to having our ninth win.


Q. In America they call it bulletin board material.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: We'll see. We'll see. But we look forward to playing again tomorrow.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Thanks very much.

End of FastScripts.

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