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March 4, 2018

Raegan Pebley

Jordan Moore

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Baylor - 94, TCU - 48

THE MODERATOR: Coach Raegan Pebley is with us along with Jordan Moore. Coach, your thoughts about the game today?

RAEGAN PEBLEY: Oh, geez, my thoughts about the game this afternoon? Well, I mean, Baylor played extremely well and we didn't. You know, they're a team right now that your room for error is slight. If your post play is, you know, out because of fouls and your perimeter is unable to see that ball go down the net it can snowball fast and that's a bit of what happened for us.

But, you know, we're proud of this step forward that our program made. Not just in this tournament but in this season and we still believe that there's more of the story left in this year.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for our student-athlete?

Q. Jordan, what does playing someone like Kalani Brown help you grow in terms of what you can do on the court?
JORDAN MOORE: It definitely helps me grow a lot. When we practice we usually play against each other, our scout players and we never have somebody as big and physical as Kalani is. So every time I play her it's an opportunity to get better and I definitely focus on using different moves and building my game to the next level especially being able to play against her.

Q. Jordan, you guys beat OU, fall today. How did these games prepare you for the games in the next step in the postseason?
JORDAN MOORE: I felt like we took the next step being able to have better team chemistry and play better and play all together. That's what we really focus on is playing together and having that energy and competitiveness and that fight to just keep pushing harder and harder the next game.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Jordan. Questions for Coach?

Q. Coach, can you talk a little bit about what this tournament is like for you guys as a program and kind of what OKC has been for you all?
RAEGAN PEBLEY: Well, Oklahoma City has been a great host to the tournament. I think we have seen it grow and get better every year. Just overall it's a great city. I've got family and friends that came into town for the tournament and I keep hearing about all these fun things they get to do while I'm sitting in a hotel room or a gym, but I know it's been a great host to the Big 12 women's basketball tournament. For our team, the tournament, what I think it does for every team in our league is it gives you an opportunity to go get a ring and cut down nets and it gives you an opportunity to continue your resume for postseason play because this conference is that good.

This is a conference that you have got to bring your A game every day because you could get beat or you could win. It's that kind of a game. So, again, really, happy to see our team just continue to mature and understand what type of mentality and physicality you're going to have to bring with you when you come to OKC and play in these games and get that win and we will continue to grow even further.

Q. You alluded to some of the growth you've seen from your program this year. Would you like to go into your detail about what's really made your program grow the way that it has?
RAEGAN PEBLEY: Sure. Some of it's natural time, you know, that goes by. Last year we had ten freshmen and sophomores, extremely young. We were able to get them a lot of experience last year and now those ten freshmen and sophomores back sophomores and junior and they learned a lot. We're a program that really tries to teach and not just focus on wins or losses, but grow! They've done that. Chemistry as Jordan talked about, I really feel like this is one of the strongest teams that we have had at TCU as far as chemistry goes. Been able to also see that translate to on-court success. You can have good team chemistry, but sometimes that can be false chemistry because you're not willing to hold each other accountable or hold yourself accountable or do the gritty, hard work for each other. This team has translated that into on-court success. You know, I think the growth of our post play has been really good for us.

Jordan's personal development, Amy's, Adeola Akomolafe, somebody who doesn't get talked about by our program enough, but that's been a huge part of our development. This year we were a point guard by committee. Last year we had one point guard that played probably 38 minutes. This year we were point guard by committee, and I think we were able to show different looks from that and build a little bit more depth to our identity.

Q. Coach, how will you spend this next week between right now and the Selection Show and do you think your team has done enough to get a bid to the NCAA tournament?
RAEGAN PEBLEY: Well, that's a loaded question, I think. Have we done enough? I believe that we have. Not only through our nonconference schedule, but our conference schedule. If you look at what we've done in sweeping multiple teams in our league, beating OU, beating West Virginia on the road, beating Texas, you know, we've -- beating OU two times, which is a high RIP team, I think we've done enough. We have the same losses -- a loss to an Iowa State team who shot the lights out as Oklahoma State did.

Now the RPI, I realize RPI is important but the RPI is flawed, too, and I think everybody recognizes that and it needs to be -- we have an opportunity to try, and, I think -- the women's game deserves, and I'm somebody who was at Mid-Major and I understand it can't just be a BCS tournament. It shouldn't be that, but I don't think all decisions should be made upon the RPI because it is flawed.

It's one piece of the puzzle, but there are other things that you can look at as far as staggering goes and a lot of other elements that I know on the men's side in the tournament that they do seem to massage that information a little bit more.

So I just respect our conference and what its done and our competition in that conference. So I think we are a very worthy candidate. I think we are one of the top 60 teams in the country that deserves to be in there. I think we will represent our conference in the women's game very well in it. So, yeah, I think we deserve to do it. But I'm not on that committee, so I get to wait for an answer. We will spend this next week getting better. We will rest and we will get better.

Q. Coach, obviously Baylor has so much talent with Kalani and Lauren Cox. How do you work as a staff to game plan against them and if anything what would you have done differently for today?
RAEGAN PEBLEY: So much of the game plan that every team I think comes into with is considering our best five against their best five, our best six or seven against their best six or seven and when so quickly your best five aren't available that changes things and you have to make adjustments. But they are very good. They are very deserving of not only this win but their regular season championship. I think they -- it's insane to me, like it's unreal when you watch them play that you can't say they're not a No. 1 seed, clearly, all year, with or without Kristy, they are a No. 1 seed. They are dominating teams and very good teams.

I don't think -- that's when I mean, too, by RPI, like they are that good! When you watch them and you're a basketball enthusiast and you know the game, they are very good and they deserve a 1 seed. We played them three times in less than three weeks, I think, and they are as good as it gets. We can't wait until we keep getting better so we can do a better job competing against them.

THE MODERATOR: Coach, congratulations and good luck.

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