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March 3, 2018

Horia Tecau

Jean-Julien Rojer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


6-2, 7-6

(Transcribed from an ATP recording.)

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Another excellent week, taking the title. How do you feel the week went overall, and then looking ahead for the rest of the season?
HORIA TECAU: It was a great week. We're coming after a semifinal in Rotterdam. We had some expectations here. We won last year. We like the conditions here, a fast court, suits our game. We just tried to prepare really well going from indoors to outdoors, take one match at a time, focus on that.

The preparation went really well. We're happy. With each match we got better. We had some tough quarterfinals and semifinals. Happy to get the win today because it was a tricky match.

Q. I know the doubles format can be a point here or there that decides it. Do you feel with the deep run at Rotterdam, winning here, you're in the zone now, feeling comfortable together?
JEAN-JULIEN ROJER: I think the match play helps for sure. We played three matches last week, I guess four this week again. Won a few there. We played some good matches already last week. I think for sure it helps the confidence. It helps to win some of these matches.

First round here we won in a super tiebreak. That's always a confidence builder. Like you said, it's a few points here and there. Once you have a few matches under your belt, you feel a little bit better, more comfortable, let's say you play a bit more freely, you're a bit more confident.

It's really nice to start off the year like this. I know we did almost the same exact result last year. More importantly, like Horia said, try to get better each match, get good preparation, try to improve as a team. I think that's still what we both try to do.

Q. If I'm not mistaken, it's the first team in the history of this tournament to defend the doubles title. What does that mean to you guys? You're one of the strong relationship-wise pairs.
HORIA TECAU: It means a lot because this tournament always has a strong doubles field. Winning here two years in a row, it's a great accomplishment for us. Always have to beat some big servers on these fast conditions. That's very good for confidence to win here twice.

But it's also one place that we enjoy coming to, Dubai. Great city, great tournament, well-organized. Everybody is really helpful. It makes you feel like home. It's a pleasure to play here. We're doubly happy to win.

Q. Going forward, any short-term, long-term goals for the season?
JEAN-JULIEN ROJER: I think the long-term goals are year-end Masters. But that is a long way away. I think for both of us it would be to try to win more slams, for sure, perform a little bit better in Masters Series. We have two of them coming up. Those are the most important tournaments for us on the ATP Tour. We have two big ones coming up the next weeks. I feel like we're in good preparation for those. Definitely to try to get after a few more Masters Series titles, and the slams never hurt.

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