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March 4, 2018

Jenny Shin

Republic of Singapore

Q. Did you feel a lot of nerves today?
JENNY SHIN: No, it was same as any other days. It was tough finishing up a few holes because I struggled with 17, 18, throughout the whole week. 17 I kept hitting it right all week. So when I hit that shot on 17 today, I wasn't actually surprised. I was just a little bit more disappointed.

18, bogeyed there again yesterday. I don't know, probably today, the nerves got me maybe. Not sure if I would have made that mistake on many other holes. Oh, well.

Q. Were the bogeys from the days before in your head?
JENNY SHIN: Well, I putted well these last few days, and I relied on that today, as well. That putt on 16 really got me going. I was pretty confident. I wasn't nervous at all. But yeah, it was good.

Q. Is there anything you'll take from this for next time?
JENNY SHIN: I think I've done a great job today. The nerves didn't get me at all. The nerves that I got on 18, I think any human being would experience it.

So I handled it very calmly. I wasn't rushing. I wasn't -- I wasn't too nervous. It's just the adrenaline, really. So if I had this opportunity again this year, I'd probably handle it the same exact way.

Q. Can you talk a bit about the yardage, the approach shot? What were you playing to, and the chip, as well.
JENNY SHIN: I don't know the exact yardage to the pin but I know where I wanted to land it was 12 yards. Obviously missed that by like five yards. But I got a little bit too wristy there. Yeah, just got to do better next time.

Q. The chip, how far were you and were you aiming for a certain spot or did you just miss that spot?
JENNY SHIN: Yeah, I was definitely aiming for that uphill, on the right side, and I just was getting a little too wristy and I came up way short.

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