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March 4, 2018

Angela Stanford

Republic of Singapore

Q. Good was that? How enjoyable was it being out on the golf course today?
ANGELA STANFORD: That was fun. That was a lot of fun. You know, don't have these days a lot in golf, and it was just so much fun. I think I blacked out there for a little bit because I don't remember a whole lot.

But I know I had a lot of wedges in my hands, and I've been hitting the ball so good for two weeks. You'd like to think it's going to come together, but you never know. It was a lot of fun.

Q. Let me refresh you. At one point you were 7-under through six holes, and I'd love to get into your head, the head of Angela Stanford. When you're having this amazing round, what are you thinking? Are you thinking close record? Low 60s?
ANGELA STANFORD: No, I wasn't thinking that. I think starting the day, you just want to see how low you can go, but some days the course doesn't set up for that, and today, I felt like it was set being up for that.

It was kind of fun to actually see it and then get to do it. When I made the putt on 9, I thought, "Wow, I've never shot 29 before."

I actually told my caddie on 10, "I've never done this before. And the bad thing about golf is we've got to go play more nine holes."

He's like, "No, that's good. Let's keep going." Then we birdied 10, and I thought, you know, I think it's a good day to learn how to grow a little bit, and hopefully I'll be in this position more and not be nervous, so let's try to learn something today.

Q. You nearly made an eagle on 16. Your Solheim Cup playing partners, Cristie Kerr and Austin Ernst, must have been giving you a round of applause.
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, Austin was great. She gave me a clap for that one. She just kind of rolled with it. You want playing partners on these kind of days to just kind of go with it and enjoy it with you. You don't want anybody out there rooting against you or anything. They were great. It was great. It was fun.

Q. A 63, you're on the front page of the leaderboard. Don't think it's going to be enough because there's some great golf going on.
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I mind of messed that up the first day.

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