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March 2, 2018

Holly Warlick

Anastasia Hayes

Jaime Nared

Nashville, Tennessee

South Carolina - 73, Tennessee - 62

THE MODERATOR: We'll start with an opening statement from coach.

HOLLY WARLICK: Disappointed in the outcome. I thought we did some really good things and we did some things that weren't very good. So, but I loved our fight in our players.

THE MODERATOR: We'll take questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Jaime, first off, how are you feeling injury-wise and second off, despite coming off of an injury you were playing really tough basketball out there. Kind of what pushed you to play that way tonight?
JAIME NARED: I'm good. Just I want to win. Nothing in particular.

Q. You probably played as well as you had all year under difficult circumstances and it looked as though you might have been injured on two different plays. Once under the goal and when you crashed into the press table. Were you hurt at all in those incidents?
ANASTASIA HAYES: Just a little bit but I wanted to win and I was fighting, so, yeah, I was fine.

Q. For either player, how much was South Carolina maybe affecting some of your shots, particularly in the paint?
JAIME NARED: Obviously they have length, they're a big team, but I think we missed a lot of bunnies, a lot of easy layups, wide open layups, jumpers that we normally make. We know they're a good team, they're a long team, but we missed a lot of buckets that we normally make. We just have to get back in the gym, I think, and just keep our focus. Obviously we had 30 more shots than they did and we forced 27 more turnovers and they still won the game, so that's just something that we have to fix. Obviously when they got in the half court I think they were scoring at ease and as much as we were causing havoc in our press, we just have to convert on the offensive end.

Q. It seems like with A'ja Wilson not only is she a great player, but she makes all those players better when she's in the game. Could you speak to that.
JAIME NARED: Yeah, she's a really good player. I think she helped them with their press because she is a big body. She's good at scoring around the rim. We knew that, but our game plan told us that she drove left 90 something percent of the time and I think she scored going left every time. So that's just us paying attention to minor details that could have helped.

Q. Did you expect A'ja to play in this game or was it a surprise when you saw her finally check in?
JAIME NARED: We didn't know.

ANASTASIA HAYES: You talking to me?

JAIME NARED: Oh, yeah, we didn't know. We were expecting her to play each game during the season when we played there and when they came home and also here. So I mean we were prepared regardless, so it didn't really matter.

THE MODERATOR: All right, thank you very much. Take questions for coach.

Q. Was Nared a last-minute decision or did you know pretty well that she would play today beforehand?
HOLLY WARLICK: They worked on her all, pretty much all night and all day and that was a game-time decision for the doctors and the trainer and that wasn't my decision. I'm not going to -- I wasn't going to play Jaime Nared for a basketball game if she was hurt. She's a pretty tough kid and she wanted to play and they gave her the okay.

Q. Mercedes had 12 points but she shot just 33 percent from the field. That's a lot lower than her 60 percent she entered the game with. What do you think caused that? Was it a specific thing or was it a lot of different things?
HOLLY WARLICK: I just thought it was a physical game and she missed shots. We missed 34 shots in the paint. I mean shots we normally get. So it was just a rough night for us inside the paint. Layups, two-foot jumpers. We had our opportunities, we just couldn't finish.

Q. What can your team take away from a game like this heading into post-season play?
HOLLY WARLICK: Well, just stay the course. I thought we battled. Stay focused. I thought we got pushed around a little bit more. We got to be a little bit more physical. We didn't have any quit in us which I loved. We've got to stick to our scouting report a little bit more. We, as Jaime said, we let A'ja go left, we let Herbert go right, we let Jennings go left, so there were so many different things that we could have done to maybe limit their ability to score.

Q. Sometimes when your team has lost you cited a lack of effort, but tonight you commended them for their effort. They also played really hard last night. Was that kind of an unusual outcome for your team to play this hard and still come up short?
HOLLY WARLICK: Well it is for me. We play hard and aggressive and we usually win the game. I don't have an answer for it. Like Jaime said, we missed so many layups and little shots and it could be their length, could have been -- I'm not, I don't know what to put my finger on it, but we really never felt like we were out of it. At least we talked about that in the huddle and the feedback I'm getting from our kids. I thought it hurt when Rennia Davis got in early foul trouble. That hurt us as well. But we've just got to shoot a better percentage. I mean we had a lot more chances, we created a lot more turnovers, but we've just got to finish, we've got to finish at the rim.

Q. Although your guys' shooting percentage was down you had a season high 27 offensive rebounds. Got to be happy with that effort.
HOLLY WARLICK: Yeah, I am. I look at it, you look at it and you go, how, you wonder how we lost the game. We didn't do it on just catching shoot and jump shots away from the basket. We attacked the basket, the shot just wouldn't go. So I am, I don't think we played our best and I'm looking at this and I think we could have played a little -- we could have played better, but you got to put the ball in the basket. And we can create all this havoc and everything, but we got to score and we didn't do that tonight.

THE MODERATOR: All right, coach, thank you very much.


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