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March 1, 2018

Coquese Washington

Indianapolis, Indiana

Michigan - 77, Penn State - 48

Q. Coach, obviously a tough one tonight, but experience as a whole, kind of this whole week, what are kind of positives you guys can take away from either the game or just kind of this whole week?
COACH WASHINGTON: Well, I think for most of these kids, for a lot of these kids, it's their first Big Ten Tournament, and understanding the rigors of it. Playing back to back is tough, and just understanding that and experiencing that. That's one of the positives we'll take out of it.

Q. Obviously it would have been a little bit of a weird situation to start the game as far as the delay; is that something, as well, where they can kind of take that, the routine would have been off? Did that change anything?
COACH WASHINGTON: No, I don't think it changed anything. We were ready to play. Michigan is just a really good team, and they played well. You know, they were hitting on all cylinders, both inside and outside with Flaherty and Thome, and those are two experienced kids, junior and senior, and they showed their experience tonight.

Q. How have you kind of maybe seen this team grow, it's a young team, from the beginning of the season until now?
COACH WASHINGTON: Oh, they've grown a ton. They've grown a ton. Just their understanding of what we need to do and how to execute. The thing that we have to work on is just our consistency, and that comes with experience. That comes with just being out there and playing. That's the one thing we've just got to work on is being more consistent, being able to put games together.

Q. Do you have kind of a takeaway from this week?
COACH WASHINGTON: Yeah, I mean, I like our fight. I like our effort, and like I said, we've just got to get consistent.

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