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March 2, 2018

Jessica Korda

Republic of Singapore

Q. You had a good round and you're tied seventh.
JESSICA KORDA: That's all right. I'm not feeling 100 percent, so I'm just plotting my way around the golf course and unfortunately I just made some tired mistakes.

Q. Are you still feeling exhausted?

Q. Just a reaction to being back out there?
JESSICA KORDA: We're not sure but we think I got a heat stroke on Saturday because after I won, I was not feeling well. I was pretty shaky and I was very cold and sweating. So it's just from last week, just heat exhaustion, and obviously not being used to it. Just a lot of stuff.

Q. Did you know that since the last sisters to win an event was Annika Sorenstam and her sister, and they won back-to-back.
JESSICA KORDA: Did they really? That would be cool.

Q. That would be a nice start to the Korda year with your brother's win.
JESSICA KORDA: It's only Friday, but she played great today. So I'm excited to see her after the round now.

Q. And do you think, as well, having watched you win last week, it's that sort of competition thing? Are you still giving each other handbags and stuff?
JESSICA KORDA: We actually haven't. I'm not sure. I might have agreed to something after surgery but I have no idea if I did or didn't. But I mean, I don't know. She's a great player. Like I say, she's bound to win a bunch. It hard to break through out here. There's a lot of great players, but she'll be very, very close to winning very soon.

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