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March 1, 2018

Hallie Thome

Indianapolis, Indiana

Michigan - 77, Penn State - 48

Q. Congrats on the win today. How did it feel being out there?
HALLIE THOME: It felt great. I mean, we definitely wanted to get this win. We've never gotten one here. Neither have Katelynn and Jillian, so it was definitely a big win. Being in the locker room for a long time after the four overtimes kind of gave us a throwback to the WNBA when we went into all of these overtimes, so we definitely had excitement, had a little dance party in here, and we were ready to go.

Q. How did you guys stay ready to play and come out with energy and all that?
HALLIE THOME: We just had our strength and conditioning coach keep us moving, and then we were watching the game, and just excitement. It's March, so it's always a fun time, so it's kind of hard not to be excited and be ready to go.

Q. Does the tournament atmosphere add an extra level of excitement?
HALLIE THOME: I think so. I think the stage -- I mean, it's definitely a big stage to play on, and I think everyone looks forward to this time, to be able to be in front of everyone and just have all the Big Ten teams here and see all the different fans and you'll walk through hotels and you see everyone and everyone is saying "Go Blue" or "Good luck."

It's just a great atmosphere, I would have to say.

Q. Last season you guys lost your first game of the Big Ten Tournament, so does this one come as a relief getting the first one out of the way?
HALLIE THOME: Yes, definitely getting one under our belt definitely helps us build confidence going further.

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