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March 2, 2018

Marina Alex

Republic of Singapore

Q. That was a heck of a round there, nice birdie to close it off, with four birdies on the back nine?
MARINA ALEX: Yeah, I got lucky a little bit. I honestly wasn't hitting my irons super solid, but on the greens here are kind of firm so even miss-hits release and get to the hole, which was good.

You know, I hit a solid iron on 11 and then a little bit of a mis-hit on 12 but it rolled up there super close. Then made a good pitch on the par 5 and a good wedge on 14.

So just kind of got a little momentum going, even though the ball-striking wasn't as good as I would have liked it to be, but the putter is rolling all right. Just got to tidy up some of the other stuff.

Q. Do you watch leaderboards?
MARINA ALEX: I glanced at them, yeah. I feel like most people would be lying if they said that they weren't glancing at them. I saw Danielle is playing great, so just got to keep pushing. Everyone out here, they are all so solid. I mean, it's the best players in the world, so you just have to keep making birdie after birdie and see where it puts you.

Q. How do you deal with the heat?
MARINA ALEX: It was hot. Today was not so bad. It was really muggy, but as far as the sun, it wasn't super strong today. So I'm hopeful we get lucky the next two days with kind of similar heat, nothing crazy, hopefully.

Q. How do you balance now after your round, the need to -- I think still to cool down or whatever.
MARINA ALEX: Totally. I'm going to hit a few balls, try to limit it to 20 minutes at the range, grab some lunch, get inside, just hang in the AC. Maybe do a light workout later just to keep the body going, but try not to kill all my energy.

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