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March 2, 2018

Austin Ernst

Republic of Singapore

Q. It was an early alarm clock this morning for you.
AUSTIN ERNST: Yeah, we were the first ones out at 7:30. A little 4:50 wake-up call. I'm glad I might get a nap later this afternoon.

Q. You were putting in the dark before you had the chance to see off, but nine birdies in your round, that's a personal best.
AUSTIN ERNST: I've made 11 before. I actually made 10 in the Bahamas earlier this year. It was a great round. I hit the ball really well and gave myself a lot of looks at birdies and rolled quite a few of them in.

Q. You've got your brother on your bag, Drew. How does he help you?
AUSTIN ERNST: He's great. We just talk through every shot and having him play, being a former player, I think that helps a lot. But it's great that we get along so well that we can do it. I know a lot of people tell me, they couldn't have their brother or sister caddie for them, but we make it work really well. I don't want to have anybody else on the bag.

Q. And your dad still looks after your swing, so you're keeping it in the family.
AUSTIN ERNST: Absolutely, yeah. My dad's been my swing coach my entire life. We get to celebrate together and we get to work out together. But yeah, it's been really good. We have a good family dynamic. We get along really well off the course and we do a good job of balancing the golf and then balancing personal life.

Q. You talked about working out just a few moments ago. You work out at The Stable, and it seems a lot of players go there and we have been talking about getting month more power off the tee and being stronger in 2018, what's really worked for you?
AUSTIN ERNST: Kolby Tullier has been great. He's actually a Baton Rouge guy. I went to LSU so that's kind of the connection I have with him. We just work on a lot of core, a lot of stability, and for me, I feel like I've gained about ten yards over the last two years. But yeah, Kolby's been great.

Q. So the best tip you can give to an amateur golfer right now for more distance?
AUSTIN ERNST: Just use your lower body.

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