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March 2, 2018

Minjee Lee

Republic of Singapore

Q. Great round, bit of a roller coaster.
MINJEE LEE: I made double on 4, but yeah, I just hit a bad shot and it went in the water. So couldn't make up-and-down, so I made double.

But after that, I birdied the next four holes. So I've been hitting it pretty solid and I've been rolling the putter really well. So yeah, I mean, I had a bit of a roller coaster on the back, as well, but overall, pretty solid day.

Q. And now you're in second place, obviously in a tournament like this, talk about being at the top of the leaderboard.
MINJEE LEE: Yeah, it's obviously a nice feeling to be pretty close to the lead going into the weekend.

So I'm not sure what they are going to finish on, but yeah, I mean, I think I'm going to be in a pretty good position to be playing aggressive.

Q. 7-under is a great score. Is it the way it suits your eye? Everyone doesn't find it as easy as you do.
MINJEE LEE: I feel like it challenges all of my game. You have to be on the right side of the greens and on the right side of the slopes, and obviously iron shots are short, and long shots, and I think even driving, some of the holes are really quite tight. Some of them are more generous.

But yeah, I just like a golf course that challenges me with everything, and I think it does that here. Yeah, if I focus, then I can put in a good score.

Q. Is there a feeling that there's a really low score out there after bouncing back from a few dips?
MINJEE LEE: Yeah, I think there will be pretty low scores today. The par 5s and the wind is sort of helping you, it's a little bit downwind on most of the par 5s. Yeah, I mean, probably quite a lot of the girls can get to the front along the greens. It's pretty scorable I think.

I think it's the prevailing wind, so if so it's only going to get stronger, downwind on the par 5s. It should be pretty -- it won't change drastically, I don't think.

Q. A round with eight birdies and an eagle, it sounds like something dreamy. Does it still get you excited that you've just posted that number with those birdies?
MINJEE LEE: Definitely. I mean, I had a pretty solid day. I mean, I made a double early, but other than that, I hit it good and I rolled it pretty well, as well, on the front. It was a good day.

Q. It's a great day. Awesome score. And the greens here look so smooth and so quick, an absolute pleasure to putt on?
MINJEE LEE: Yeah, they are rolling really true and really fast. So yeah, it's just like a putter's dream.

Q. Now you have just got better and better as the season progresses. You won the season opener, on the Ladies European Tour and you've gone fifth and fourth, and things are looking very good for you.
MINJEE LEE: Yeah, I had a really good start to the year. This is my fifth week in a row and things are going better and better. I'm really happy with where I'm at.

Q. And it was great to see your brother, Min Woo, your brother, an excellent golfer. He was following you at the Australian Open a couple of weeks ago. Do you go and follow him?
MINJEE LEE: I hope to this year, but I don't know where I have my breaks and when he's playing, so I think I've got to organize that.

Q. You're going to follow him at some point, but this is your fifth week on Tour. That's a lot of golf. You must be exhausted. Are you going to have a nap now?
MINJEE LEE: Yeah, and I did yesterday, as well. It is my fifth week but I'm really enjoying my time here.

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