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March 1, 2018

Amanda Cahill

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana - 111, Michigan State - 109 (4 OT)

Q. You kind of came here to change the face of Indiana basketball, and you guys are doing so. Indiana hasn't won in this tournament very often. What's your thought, or do you even allow yourself to think in those terms, like changing the whole arc of Indiana basketball?
AMANDA CAHILL: I mean, that was our goal coming in. We wanted to try to make a difference, and I think we've been trying to do that with just working hard and being on the court, being in the film room and just really trying our best.

Q. Amanda, was there a little bit extra motivation knowing if you guys lost this could potentially be your last game here?
AMANDA CAHILL: Yes, definitely. We've been talking a lot during the week of just like kind of making the season count the most, making it count and just working together. That was just something we've really been emphasizing.

Q. What was going through your mind when you stepped up to the free-throw line in those final seconds?
AMANDA CAHILL: Just I was focusing on it going in. I didn't want to think any negative thoughts, and I was just thinking that we needed those buckets.

Q. What were you talking about in the huddle after single overtime when you thought maybe you had lost the game and they were doing the clock review?
AMANDA CAHILL: Yeah, I was on the floor so I didn't see it, but a couple of my teammates were saying the clock stopped, the clock stopped, and I think all of us were kind of like: Are you sure? Just kind of like sending up some prayers and really hoping. We were trying to read the ref's lips and see what he was trying to say, but it was pretty fortunate.

Q. Have you ever been through such an emotional game like this?
AMANDA CAHILL: Yeah, that was definitely up there. Four overtimes is pretty crazy, especially senior year. A lot is on the line for us, and it was definitely emotional, yeah.

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