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March 1, 2018

Tyra Buss

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana - 111, Michigan State - 109 (4 OT)

Q. Your reaction on your bench waiting to see if that apparent game-winning shot by Michigan State counted or not, both before and after the review.
TYRA BUSS: Before, I'm not really sure, because I thought we had lost. I didn't know they had stopped the clock. So I was just down on the baseline thinking that we just lost and we're done. But I went back, and they said they were pretty -- Coach Rhet said he was 90 percent sure that they had stopped the clock because I was like: Are you sure? Are you 100 percent sure? Because I wanted to know.

But he definitely thought it was for sure, so he didn't know if they put time back on the clock, but he was thinking that they'd just go straight to double overtime, and they did, so that was huge.

Q. You've elaborated on this before, but it must be gratifying -- you're from Illinois, Amanda from Ohio, you come in together and really changed the face of IU basketball because IU hasn't won very many games in this tournament.
TYRA BUSS: Yeah, absolutely, especially the past couple years we've gotten that double bye and we haven't won a tournament game --

Q. You won one in Illinois when you were freshmen?
TYRA BUSS: Yeah, we won the first game. Yeah, we won the very first game, but we were the bottom four seed, so we played on the very first day. So this was really important for us, to have that momentum, and now we're settled in and we know what it takes, and we're ready for tomorrow.

Q. You were about 60 minutes into a game when you took that three. How did your legs feel at that point?
TYRA BUSS: I wasn't really thinking about how my legs felt. Of course I'm a little tired and fatigued. I was kind of feeling it a little bit towards the end of the game. But I just kept telling myself: I'm not tired, and I've just got to fight through because I've fought through a lot, especially this whole year, and I've played in every single game. I've played the most minutes in the country, so that wasn't anything that I hadn't ever done before.

Q. What happened that play down there when the technical foul was called? You got bumped and a foul and it looked like there was another collision on the baseline. Was that what it was?
TYRA BUSS: Yeah, I got fouled on the drive and then a girl just -- I don't know if she was frustrated or what, but she just kind of swung her arm and threw me out of bounds, and they called an unsportsmanlike conduct, and I like two free throws, so that's basically what happened.

Q. When your shots aren't falling and you're struggling offensively, how do you keep fresh and keep in your mind that I can still help? There were several rebounds, offensive stops that any of us could point to.
TYRA BUSS: That's just something that comes with experience. I'm a senior, I'm a point guard, I'm a leader on this team, so I just kind of -- when my shot is not falling, I can't get down on myself because I can't let my teammates see me like that. I've just got to find a way to help the team in other ways, and like you say, whether that's rebounding, whether that's assists, finding the open player, things like that, and then of course just keep shooting, because I've gone through so many games.

I know I'm a good shooter, and like I said before, my teammates and my coaches believe in me, so I just kind of do whatever I can to help the team win, and that's just kind of what I did tonight, just kept pushing through.

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