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March 1, 2018

Joe McKeown

Indianapolis, Indiana

Iowa - 55, Northwestern - 45

Q. Coach, talk a little bit about today's game and how things progressed. You guys bounced back pretty well from the early slow start and really made it competitive down the stretch.
COACH McKEOWN: It was a great game. We showed a lot of heart and a lot of fight. Unfortunately, we couldn't make a shot in the first quarter, and it just really was frustrating. But to outscore them the way we did in the second quarter, go into halftime down 10 or 11 and get it down to four or five in the fourth quarter, our kids did a great job. Iowa is a real good team, obviously an NCAA Tournament team. But I was just proud of our effort all year. We had some injuries and were real young, but it was a great learning experience for us.

Q. Talk a little bit about your freshman Lindsey Pulliam, had a great freshman year, capped it off here at the tournament with a couple good games in the tournament.
COACH McKEOWN: Yeah, she's a great player, and she's only going to get better, so look out if you're on our schedule, because she wants to -- you know, everybody wants to be great, but she wants to put the work in to be great, and that's what separates her. I'm really proud of her this year. We asked her to do a lot.

Q. You've been at Northwestern now for about a decade and you've seen a lot of these Big Ten tournaments. This is our 25th tournament this year; talk a little bit about what it's meant to you to come and coach at the Big Ten Tournament.
COACH McKEOWN: Yeah, it's a great league, and certainly this year women's basketball, it's been really, from top to bottom, every game is a battle. A lot of great players, great coaches. It's just fun to be part of.

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