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March 1, 2018

Dominique Oden

Indianapolis, Indiana

Rutgers - 62, Purdue - 60

DOMINIQUE ODEN: I never felt like, oh, we're never coming back to this game. I always felt like we had a chance.

Q. You've played well in this tournament two years in a row. Obviously you wanted to get a win today and keep going, but do you just like the stage here a little bit?
DOMINIQUE ODEN: They have really nice rooms here. I really like the floor, and it's just -- this is tournament time. I guess I kind of thrive in that because that's like the environment I've been playing in since I started playing basketball, so it's kind of different than just regular season where you play one game and it's done.

Q. That shot that Scaife hit, what did you think she might do, and what were you trying to do defensively against her?
DOMINIQUE ODEN: I knew she was going to take the shot because she's their go-to player. Our game plan was to trap her off the screen, and we were going to trap her, but she refused, and we still had two people on her, she just made a tough shot.

Q. It's going to be a long wait now until Selection Sunday, because you guys are clearly on the bubble, to see whether you're in the tournament or not?
DOMINIQUE ODEN: Yeah, it is going to be a long wait. It's going to be hard to be like, are we in or not, but it's also -- I don't want to stop playing even if we don't make the NCAA because this is Keys' last year, and I want to keep playing with her.

Q. Do you think you're a young team that needs to keep playing to keep getting better?
DOMINIQUE ODEN: I think it would be a good opportunity as a young team to get more growth, but I also feel like we grew a lot this year, so we just have to keep playing and see what happens.

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