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March 1, 2018

Jennifer Song

Republic of Singapore

Q. So a bogey-free 7-under round, that's a great way to start the tournament.
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, definitely. I'll just take it any day.

Q. So you had, what, five birdies I think coming in on your second nine.
JENNIFER SONG: Yes, I had five birdies and then I had two birdies on the front nine. So I just kept it going and then I had a little bit of trouble here and there, and I managed to save it, so I think that just kept me going.

Q. Where were you on 9 when the horn blew? How much did you have left?
JENNIFER SONG: I had 130 to the flag and it was my second shot. I was trying to decide if I was on the wind, whether it was helping me or hurting me. And then thankfully, it stopped, so by the time I got back to play, it was dominant helping wind, so it helped me make a better decision with my clubs.

Q. What was it like sitting there inside for two-plus hours, knowing you just had two strokes left between you and the end of the round hopefully?
JENNIFER SONG: I think if you think about it, it wears on you but it happens a lot of the times while we're out here, so I'm used to it. I was just resting and stretching and just waiting for the horn to blow again.

Q. When is the last time you remember that you led a tournament, maybe after the first round, as well.
JENNIFER SONG: I think I had like a couple here and there but I think I have a bad memory. If I don't remember it, I probably didn't finish well. But I'm very happy about my round today and I just hope that I can keep it going the next three days.

Q. Can you tell us, have you done anything to sharpen your form, anything different, that you've suddenly had this lovely round today?
JENNIFER SONG: No. Actually last week was my first event in Thailand and I was really excited because I know I prepared hard for it. But I think there was just too much butterflies going on.

So I didn't quite perform the way I wanted last week but now that I got the feeling of playing a tournament, I think I was more comfortable coming into this week. I had a little bit of less pressure.

Q. Do you remember what's your low round? This is 7-under 65.
JENNIFER SONG: My lowest round was 9-under par.

Q. On the LPGA?
JENNIFER SONG: LPGA, probably 6-, 7-under.

Q. Who is the first person you're going to ring at home to tell them?
JENNIFER SONG: You know, I think I'm very quiet. So by the time I get back to the hotel, I'll just have a little text message from my parents and I'll probably give them a call and just tell them when because they just love to hear my voice.

Q. Is there anything that you feel like you could work on today for tomorrow's round?
JENNIFER SONG: I think I'm going to go back to the hotel and get a good rest. I think I've been out here for a long time, and you know, actually, before we headed out again, we were able to warm up a little bit. So I think that kind of kept up for tomorrow's round. I feel pretty good.

Q. Now, you were a good footballer, am I right in saying that?
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, I played varsity soccer when I was in high school.

Q. Did you play that before you played golf or were you playing golf at the same time?
JENNIFER SONG: I was playing golf. I got into golf seriously about eighth grade, and I knew that I loved playing soccer.

So I think by the time I was in 10th grade, I begged my father if I can play last season of soccer game. So he allowed me playing. That was the last time I played soccer.

Q. So did he want you to stop earlier, then?
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, because I was playing golf before and I was more worried about getting injured, playing other sports. So I couldn't play basketball, volleyball or soccer.

Q. Was that in Michigan?
JENNIFER SONG: No. It was in International School in Korea.

Q. So was that unusual for a Korean child to be playing all these sports rather than specializing in one?
JENNIFER SONG: It was more of an after-school activity, more like a team sport. So a lot of my friends and other students that attended that school, we played all kind of sports.

Q. Was that unusual?
JENNIFER SONG: As a golfer?

Q. Most seem to be practicing full-time.
JENNIFER SONG: You can see it as unusual, I don't know. But if you look at other great players, you hear stories where they played different kind of sports, and that gets their athleticism better.

Q. So were your parents good at sport, or where did all this come from?
JENNIFER SONG: No, my dad is more into school, and my mom is a professional. She used to be a concert pianist. None of my families are athletes except for myself.

Q. Do you play the piano?

Q. Why can't you find time to play the piano?
JENNIFER SONG: I used to but I'm more an active person. So for me to sit down somewhere and to play certain notes, it just kind of drove me crazy. I have to be constantly moving.

Q. You were on the FUTURES Tour in 2010 and you won two tournaments. Can you talk about the journey from then until now? You haven't won yet on the LPGA Tour. How difficult has that been, or has it just been sort of like a grind?
JENNIFER SONG: At times it has been a great struggle because I know I can win out here, but I just never have been given that chance yet. But I kept believing that some day, it will happen. I think that's the reason why myself and other golfers are still grinding because we believe that we can win out here.

I think that's what keeps us going and I don't know, I can't expect anything ahead of time, so I'll just let things go day by day and just see how things unfold.

Q. Pursuing your first LPGA title, do you think this first round sets you well on course for that or are you not thinking too much about that at the moment?
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, right now I'm not really thinking about winning or anything. I just want to take it day by day. There's a lot of great players out here, so it's a golf course where a lot of players can shoot low numbers. So I just need to keep grinding and do the same thing.

Q. If you like to keep moving, have you chosen the right sport?
JENNIFER SONG: That's a good question. You know, what's interesting about golf is success doesn't come easy. We're constantly facing different environments, different weather, different golf courses, so I think it's a great challenge for all of us. I think that's why all of us are so intrigued to play the sport.

Compared to other sports, it's definitely less dynamic, but I think it's very beautiful and it's a four round tournament, so I think it depend on who has the most patience and who really trusts this their game.

Q. You sound like a patient girl. Are you?
JENNIFER SONG: I think I was more patient when I was young. Now, as I'm aging every year, I think my patience level is getting low (laughter). I think it's because I get tired easy.

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