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February 28, 2018

Cameron Newbauer

Haley Lorenzen

Paulina Hersler

Nashville, Tennessee

Ole Miss - 48

Florida - 43

THE MODERATOR: We are now joined by Florida Head Coach Cameron Newbauer and student-athletes, Paulina Hersler and Haley Lorenzen and Coach, your thoughts?

CAMERON NEWBAUER: Just really proud of our seniors and what they've done this year with building a foundation of our program. I don't think this game and the result is indicative at all of what they've done off the court, on the court, the culture in the locker room and who they are as people. This is something we do. This does not define us. Just couldn't be more proud of, Haley and Paulina, for sure. With regards to the game I thought Ole Miss did a terrific job of what we wanted to take away, 23 free throws, 15 offensive rebounds, led to 33 points off those so that was the Achilles today. We made a great effort at the end to fight back and had a couple of big turnovers late that really hurt us. Hats off to Ole Miss because playing a team three times you get to know each other well and I thought they did a terrific job of really taking us out of what we wanted to do from an offensive end.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athletes.

Q. We were fortunate enough to have Cameron as a coach here in the city for four years. What has it been like working with him this year that he's been your coach? Tell us a little bit about Coach Cameron?
HALEY LORENZEN: Coach Cam, I can't say enough about him. He pushed us and myself included to do things that you never thought you could. To his credit, he helped us believe that we could accomplish anything, and he's always been consistent about that. He's always had a positive attitude and that's something that I can admire about Coach Cam and something that I feed into personally. I can't thank him and the staff enough for what they did for this one year and a lot of people don't know everything we've been through and he's never changed. He's tried to develop himself to be the leader that we call him Coach.

PAULINA HERSLER: I first of all want to thank Coach personally for giving me -- giving me chances to be here for my fifth year. Coach Cam has been great, he really has. He's led this program, he believes in his players. He coaches like we can do anything. He has a great heart and he really believes in us and I know this year has been a great year because we're building a foundation and I'm so proud of my team and my seniors. But I know this will lead to something better in the future because this is the foundation, the start and the turning point. It's been so fun playing for Coach Cam.

THE MODERATOR: Ladies, we will dismiss you back to the locker room. Thank you.

Q. Coach, evaluate that first year for you here in taking over the Florida program?
CAMERON NEWBAUER: It's special being part of such an incredible organization as the University of Florida from the campus community to the athletic department. Such an amazing culture of athletes and coaches. I'm just blessed to be part of something that's so impactful with so many young people's lives.

To get to be part of it and to have an opportunity to try to make it better is just -- that's what is exciting about it for us. I think that we did that this year. I think that our team stuck together and banded together and showed people what toughness, resolve and togetherness can do.

Q. The 3-pointer so much a part of your game this season as a team to go 4 for 12 this game was that a deciding factor down the stretch?
CAMERON NEWBAUER: That's part of our game and a big part of what we do. I thought they did a great job of taking us off the line and making us uncomfortable and not getting clean looks for our best shooters, and that's what teams have done recently to us. I'll take it and say I've not done a great job of helping us more to become better in that area about overall we hit 110 three's last year and this year we hit 250, broke the school record. That's a testament to our young ladies and their belief in themselves with the training that we have done to believe that they're shooters and to be able to put that in three's on the board and make it a fun style for us this year and I thought they did a great job of buying into that.

THE MODERATOR: Any other questions for Coach? Coach, thank you very much.

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