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February 27, 2018

Lexi Thompson

Republic of Singapore

CHRISTINA LANCE: Lexi, you said you got to see a good chunk of the golf course today. How does it look out there?

LEXI THOMPSON: The course looks like it's in amazing shape. I played 6 through 9 just now. It's pure and the greens are rolling quick and there's not like any ballmarks in the way or anything. It's just absolutely perfect out there. That's what we love to see, so it will definitely be playing a great layout like it always does this week.

CHRISTINA LANCE: Last week in Thailand, you were right there at the top of the leaderboard. How do you pace yourself going through these two weeks of hot, steamy conditions, but still going out there and playing world-class golf?

LEXI THOMPSON: Thank you. I like to say I'm a little bit used to it being from Florida and growing up in this heat, but it's important to pace yourself. I'm big into working out, but these two weeks, not probably the best idea. But I definitely take it easy.

Like yesterday I took off and just took a travel day and then only played 12 or 13 holes today. Take it easy and not too much driving or practicing out in the heat because you don't want to get exhausted before you even start your first round.

CHRISTINA LANCE: What are some of your things that you like to do here in Singapore? How do you spend your life off the golf course when we're on the road.

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it's tough to find time because the rounds take five hours, and warming up. So the actual round days, you don't get too much time to go out and sight see but it just beautiful here.

Just being out on the golf course you get quite the views and there's a lot to do around the hotel, you have the big Ferris wheel and you have the amusement park here. It definitely keeps us having fun during the week, but this is definitely one of our favorite spots to come to here in Singapore.

Q. Welcome back to Singapore. Last year was obviously a down year for you. Can you just talk about the way it ended last year at CME Championship, and how much of it acts as motivation for you or drives you for this year?
LEXI THOMPSON: Last year was a very up-and-down year, but there were so many positives to take from it. I mean, I had six, seven second-place finishes, won a few times, won in the Solheim Cup and I ended up winning the Race to the CME Globe.

But off the course it was a bit of a struggle just with what my mom was going through. So it's emotionally tough for me, but she's cancer free now, so it's definitely a burden off both of our shoulders. I'm a lot happier, and you know, looking at how strong I was, coming into this year, I feel stronger than ever.

Q. What are your realistic expectations that you set for yourself this year? You're world No. 2 and you're really close to Shanshan and getting the top spot. That must be a target, as well, but besides world No. 1, what else are you looking forward to this year?
LEXI THOMPSON: This year, you know, I think everybody wants to be No. 1 in the world. It's always our goal. But you have to take it one tournament at a time. All you can control is your game, your attitude and what you do out here. That's really all I'm trying to focus on is just have more fun out on the golf course with my caddie, Kevin.

On goals, it's an International Crown year and I still want to be there representing my country. Any time I can wear my country's colors, it's always my No. 1 goal. But besides that, overall, just have a very consistent year. Go out with a positive attitude and see where that takes me.

Q. Can you just compare when you first came out as a rookie, five years ago or whatever, and now obviously as a player, but in what sense are you a better player? Is it course management, or what about your playing is better or improved?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, my rookie year was when I was 16. So I've been out here for quite some time. I think overall, learning now golf courses, meeting new people out here, the first few years out here it was a lot different for me because I didn't know anybody out here. It was just a matter of getting to know the courses, knowing the travel and all the little things and everything.

I've been quite used to it now and I'm loving it, but besides that, my game has changed. I mean, I was pretty long when I was 15, 16, so I haven't gained too much distance since then. But other than that, learning my game and what I need to improve on and everything and that's usually what I do in my off-season.

I put a lot more training work in the last two or three years, is when I really got into fitness -- actually possible four or five years, really getting into the fitness side of the game, learning the importance of being physically fit, especially in the heat out here, is important.

Q. How often do you have your dad with you, and is it as often as it used to be, and are you better when he's there or better when he's not? If you can just explain the relationship a little bit.
LEXI THOMPSON: Oh, we have a great relationship. My dad hasn't come out with me to my tournaments in the last two years as much because he's been helping both my brothers, as well. He's been caddying on and off with them on Tour.

You know, it's good for me but I love having him out here because he's been my coach. We have a great relationship and it's great to have him out here supporting me, but I know he needs to help out my brothers, as well. Every time I finish or right before I play, I'm always texting him, like feedback on my game or what happened out on the course, but we have a very special relationship.

Q. Do you have family get-togethers with your family and your brothers and father and you, all discussing your technique or something? Do you have golfing chats or is it strictly no golf?
LEXI THOMPSON: Usually when we're all home, we'll be off at 7:15, 7:30, playing 18 holes with each other, my brothers and I. My dad is in a cart watching us all. It's always great to go back home and spend that time with them. It's a lot of golf. But then usually when we're around my mom, we have like family dinners, it's not so much about golf. It's going to have that little balance.

Q. How competitive are you when you play against your brothers who normally wins?
LEXI THOMPSON: It's very competitive. I don't so much get in the games as they play against each other. Just because I play about two tees up, which is still about 6,500, 6,600, but it's super competitive. Sometimes one of us quits because they get mad because the other one is beating them. It's intense, but that's how it always has been. I think that's why we're so competitive is because we are at the level that we are.

Q. At the CME, everyone deals with setbacks, but I'm curious, for you, what is your general example of dealing with disappointments? Do you watch the putt once and you move on, or how do you personally deal with these kind of things, especially on the golf course?
LEXI THOMPSON: The way I look at it is that I'm human and putts are going to be missed, and I still won the Race to the CME Globe. That's the way I look at it.

Q. How did you spend your off-season? Did you take some time away from the course?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, well, I had to because I had a little bit of a hand injury. So I took about four weeks off just not even hitting a shot. And then I slowly got into it coming into January, but other than that, I just spent a lot of time with my family. Spent Thanksgiving, Christmas with them. Didn't do too much. Went on like a two- or three-day cruise to the Keys in the Bahamas.

But besides that, honestly I just love being home. I don't want to get on a plane somewhere and go be in a hotel bed. I just want to be home with my family and friends.

CHRISTINA LANCE: Thanks so much. Appreciate you coming in. Have a great week.

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