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February 25, 2018

Justin Thomas

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Q. The winds were down a little bit today compared to the first three days, but there's really no margin for error. How do you mentally handle that?
JUSTIN THOMAS: There's not and I'm so proud of myself, how well I played, really all week but these last three days, I only dropped one shot each day. You know, you have to stay so patient and driving it well is definitely premium. You have to understand when you get out of position, you have to get back in and try to salvage a par and that's what I did well.

Q. It was starting to get quite dark?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was. I wanted to win this first playoff hole for more reasons than one, that's for sure.

Q. You're getting used to this winning stuff. Is it getting easier, or is it still as hard as ever?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's never easy. I would just say I'm becoming more comfortable. I embrace these situations. I love these situations. I love the opportunity to win. There's a lot of great people I had to beat today. It was very difficult.

Q. It's a great win but we must say something about the golf course. It's a winner as well as a toughy.
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's very difficult. I didn't really know what today was going to hold in terms of the conditions, not being as much wind. I knew I was going to have more birdie opportunities than maybe the first couple days, but yeah, I just kind of stayed patient.

Q. Great ball-striking all week. What was the difference between the last couple of months and getting a win this week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Just a little bit tighter. I had been playing well, like I had said but I made less mistakes this week. To only make I think five bogeys and one double on this golf course for four days is pretty impressive in my eyes. Jimmy and I did a great job of staying patient all week.

Q. When you look back, what are you most proud of that you were able to take care of business this week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Just the fact that I did. I mean, Luke was playing unbelievable. He was making so many putts on that back nine and that's what you have to do to win golf tournaments. He's a tough competitor. I had not played with him in a long time and he's just so impressive, every part of his game. It was going to be a very deserving champion, either one of us, in the playoff.

Q. What does this do for you moving forward?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I'm going back to Kapalua most importantly, I'm so excited for that. It's big. I had said to some of my team that I felt one was coming soon. Just didn't know it was necessarily going to happen this week.

Q. Party at your place tonight?

Q. How do you describe the ebbs and flows of this entire day?
JUSTIN THOMAS: You know, I was very confident. I was very calm all day. Just I know obviously the first nine, 12 holes matters, but I just -- I understand that this tournament doesn't really start till those last four or five holes and how difficult they are. I was just trying to stay patient and get to those holes and hit some good golf shots.

Q. Every win is important, and you said you wanted to win on a good golf course and your game is trending. What did you prove to yourself today and this week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: That I could just do it again. It's a different way for me to win. It's another kind of thing I'm going to have in my memory bank, another thing I'm going to be able to build on and look back on in the future, and you know, I'm just excited to get a win because I thought I was really close for a couple months now.

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