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February 23, 2018

Webb Simpson

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Q. How would you characterize today's round, as opposed to your 4-under on Thursday?
WEBB SIMPSON: I had a couple sloppy mistakes on 18 and 2. I had a pitching wedge in my hand on 18 and just made a bad swing, cost me a double there. 2, I made a mental mistake. But other than that, it was pretty solid. It was nice to finish off with a birdie.

Q. You and I were just talking about 72, and you feel like you've broke par. For those at home that are watching, just how difficult is it out there?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's really difficult. It doesn't let up. You know, it's not really gusting but it's blowing 20, 25 all day. These greens are fast. So when you combine the wind and fast greens and water everywhere, it's really hard.

Q. Where is the balance of attacking, being aggressive, yet realizing that might not really be out there?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, you feel so defensive all day. So I think you've got to know the right times to attack. Today some of the shorter holes, the pins are tucked, like 2 and 3, so it's harder to get to them.

You know, you'll hear guys say it all week, "You've got to be patient." I was patient today. I got frustrated after two, but I was patient and I think that's what helped me finish 1-under coming in.

Q. 2-over 72. How was it playing out there?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was hard. I think it was a little bit harder than yesterday. The wind was blowing a little bit more and this place is just relentless. It never let's up.

Q. On 17, we've seen some scores that have been really ugly out there. It's averaging at this point over a stroke. It's four-plus today. It's been really ugly. How is 17, the wind out there in the Bear Trap?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was tough. You come up with a number, you're kind of guessing, in a sense and you hope to hit it solid. You know, I was under the hole, which is a great spot to be, but I only carried the water by a couple yards, so it's tough.

Q. Is 2-under going into the weekend a good place to be?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I think it's great. I think anything par or better, or even around par, it's going to stay windy. So I don't think -- it wouldn't surprise me if somebody ran away, getting too many under par. So I'm in a good spot.

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