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March 2, 2005

Colin Montgomerie


RODDY WILLIAMS: Thank you very much for coming in and joining us today, coming in on the back of some pretty good form, a 64 in the Nissan Open was your last competitive round, I believe and obviously a course you like very much.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, playing well here. I look forward to playing here. I'm comfortable here. I like coming to places I'm comfortable and this is one of them, and I look forward to this over the years, as we all do. It's sort of the start of our season, really, I suppose. It's the nearest to Europe, to home, and it's lovely here and everything is set fair with the course and the conditions. We have a good field and should be a good week, yeah.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Your own start to the year, as well, Colin.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, three Top-10s which is super for me. I said at the start of the year I've got to get my world ranking up and it's come up 20 spots and there's a bit to go, but at least 20 spots so far and we'll work on that. I'm not saying I'll be 25th by April, but I'll be there at the end of the year. That was the goal at the start of the year and I hope it remains that way. But I've moved up 20 spots already in the world, and I just keep on, every shot I hit counts towards getting up towards the Top-50, and then the Top-25, and I won't be happy until I'm in that Top-25.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Let's go straight into some questions.


Q. How disappointing was it for you to shoot a 64 and then see the rain wash it away?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes, it was a shame to be playing so well out there on a course that I've done well on in the past and to have the best score that week in the competition and then go back to the room and see the competition wiped out. I was one of the players that really wanted to keep going, more so because it only carried three quarters of the world points. Financially it's sort of irrelevant, but it was the world points that I'm after, and unfortunately I only got three-quarters of those points. So I wanted to play another round so full points would have counted, so that was disappointing for me. But at the same time, nothing I can do about that, and I was in the same boat as everybody else.

Q. If we can look further ahead to the end of the year, if you make the progress that you say you hope to make, you'll make next year's Ryder Cup Team on merit, how much do you look forward to playing under Ian?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Okay, fine. Number One is I make the team on merit. I don't want to have that position again, if you don't mind, of being selected and hope I will.

Playing under Ian will be different than any other captain I've played under. I've played under four -- five captains, I believe, and they have all been different in their own ways. And it is good that it's different, and it will be different again next time with Ian and I look forward to playing under him.

I spoke to him this morning and he said he would have a chat with me about all sort of things through the year, through the year and a, half and I look forward to speaking with him and learning of his experiences and he mine. You know, it's a team. It's a team and we have to build on the success. We have a golden opportunity here, a golden opportunity, to be the first European side to win the Ryder Cup three times in a row. It would be super. Ian knows that. It would be super to win it under Ian Woosnam, someone that we all have a lot of respect for as an individual and as a talent. And someone who is a real competitor, a real competitor, and he will bring that, that competitiveness to the Ryder Cup. I certainly look forward to it.

Q. Do you think this now means the timing is for you for 2010?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: We don't look -- we've picked two captains last night. We're not going to pick three, you know. We sort of broke protocol, if you like, last night and picked two captains in the room which we felt was a very, very positive thing to do and hopefully you feel the same way, it was very positive, and way that it was done, as well. Wales as a venue in 2009, as it was, but at the same time, Scotland was announced in 2013 as it was before it backed up a year and it was a very positive step to both countries. I think this is again the most very positive thing that for Wales and England. Nick Faldo and Ian Woosnam have both been selected if you like and it's great. But let's not worry about 2010. We have got 3 1/2 years now where we're not talking about Ryder Cup Captain.

So we've got 3 1/2 years off, okay, and we'll start talking about Ryder Cup Captain the day after Nick finishes in 2008.

Q. After it was announced Ian had got the captaincy, he indicated straightaway he would pick an Irish-born to be vice captain and he would make the announcement at the Smurfit European Open, how important will that be having an Irish-born captain in Ireland?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Very, very astute already and very-wise, and I think that there has to be somebody some type of Irish involvement in the Ryder Cup. And it's wise that as a Celt himself, we have two Celts if you like in charge in Ireland, and I feel that's the right thing to be doing, I feel and all credit to him for saying that already.

Q. Is there any room still for Sandy Lyle in the Ryder Cup Team?


Q. For Sandy Lyle, perhaps as an assistant role?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: You're talking to the wrong guy. I don't know what Ian said to that. Did you ask him the same question? He hasn't thought about it?

Well, it's up to him. Nothing to do with me on that score. I know Ian and Sandy and we've been friends for many years. It's up to him to what he sees other people's roles. First thing is first is that he's been very wise in saying he's going to select an Irishman to be associated with the Ryder Cup in Ireland, that's very sensible and apart from other people I can't speak for him.

Q. Are you desperate to get into the Masters because you think you can win it in the form you're in?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes. Not just the Masters, but the TPC. My first goal is the TPC. I've got to get in the Top-50 by -- well, I've got two tournaments to do it. I've got to gain 13 spots in the next two tournaments and that means at least winning the next one or two. I'm playing this one and the TCL and I need to win at least one of them. That's the goal.

So if I'm in the TPC, hopefully I'll get in the Masters, but TPC is the first goal.

Q. What about your form?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I'm very excited about my form. I feel if I get into the field I have a good chance as I have in the last 20 years of winning either TPC or the Masters. I'm not there making up numbers, I can assure you. Scoring the best score of the day in Riviera has given me huge confidence and posting 64, there's nothing wrong with the game and that's the lowest score I've ever had in the States. It's given me huge confidence to build on and I look forward to trying if I can get in, obviously, and competing. So that's the first thing, I have to get in the bloody thing.

Q. Why are you playing so well? Can you put your finger on an area?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I think I'm more relaxed than I ever have been. I think my back is better than it's ever been, and I have confidence with Alastair on the back of the bag with the way we work, and I'm happy, actually. And it does help. Yes, it does help. I'm happier than I've ever been, on and off the course.

End of FastScripts.

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